5 Ways to Stay Active This Fall

5 Ways to Stay Active This Fall

Cool, crisp air and pumpkin spice are just some of the reasons to look forward to the fall season. When the leaves change and the air temperatures have a slight chill, staying active can seem to be a bit more difficult than usual. However, don’t let the chill of fall discourage you from getting out there, having adventures, and staying active while having fun. Here are five ways you can stay active this fall so you can stay healthy for winter.

Enjoy an Afternoon Stroll

small family taking autumn stroll

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the colorful leaves that show up during autumn. Spend some time taking in this natural beauty with a short walk during the afternoon hours. When you walk during this time, the sun will still be out, so it won’t be quite as cold. Wear layers to stay warm and walk for at least 20 minutes, three days a week or more if you can. Bring your camera with you to take pictures of the changing leaves as motivation.

Look for Fun Local Fall Festivals

friends gathered at fall festival

Many towns and cities host annual fall fairs where you can get outside, talk with your neighbors, and do a bit of walking. These autumn fairs and festivals are a lot of fun, and you can usually find unique crafts and delicious food while you’re there. Take a quick walk around the fairgrounds, then finish the evening with a delicious cup of hot chocolate or cider. Attending fairs is fun, and it’s a great way to get you moving.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch completely filled

Instead of buying your pumpkins at a big-box store, discover the fun of picking your own at a pumpkin patch. Part of the fun is the hunt as you stroll along, looking for the perfect pumpkins to place on your front porch. And, once you find them, you may have to lift them up and carry them, which is a great workout all on its own! If you don’t live near a pumpkin patch, find out if there’s a place where you can enjoy something else that requires you to be active like apple picking.

Try a Corn Maze

middle of corn maze

Even if a corn maze isn’t on your bucket list, it’s a really fun way to get outside and get active. If you have children or grandchildren, bring them along for a memorable day you can spend together as a family. And corn mazes aren’t just for kids, they’re also a ton of fun for adults. Take a few of your friends along and make it an afternoon. Once you get through the maze, everyone can settle in with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Keep the Yard Maintained

small family raking leaves in yard

Autumn leaves can start to clutter up your lawn, but this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get some exercise. Rake up the leaves and bag them in large trash bags or gather them near the base of a tree. Yardwork is much more pleasant during the fall season when the temperatures aren’t oppressive like they are in summer. Make the most of this beautiful season by maintaining your yard to improve curb appeal and keep you active throughout this chilly time of year.