6 Things to Do in Boston This Spring

6 Things to Do in Boston This Spring

Spring time in Boston is a special time, finally the crippling snowstorms start to come to an end. Sure, there are still some major storms left in the year, but at least the sun starts to peak out – if only for an afternoon. After how severe this winter has been, here are a couple of things you can do to take advantage of the couple nice days that are looming. Not quite sure how to spend them? No blame, it has been a rough winter, and so it’s a little hard to remember how to spend time outside. Here are six things you can do in Boston this spring.

Find a Food Truck

Sure, you could try doing this in the winter, but let it be known unequivocally that sometimes it is just better to do this in the spring. Not only to prevent frostbite, but the sheer number of trucks skyrockets the moment that you can wear a short-sleeve shirt. One that we might recommend is Roxy’s Grilled Cheese & Burgers. The Nikki Minaj Burger is worth trekking half-way across the city for.

Check Out Farmer’s Market

Nothing quite tells you that it’s spring time quite like fresh fruits and veggies. With warm weather comes a whole new crop of truly delicious and healthy foods. Support local farmers by buying fresh seasonal crops like strawberries and rhubarb. Fun fact about rhubarb: it grows so quickly that it is audible. There is a sweet spot on most rhubarb farms where you can hear the creaking of its rapid growth. Go check one out, it’s amazing.

Brewery Hopping

No matter what anyone says about Boston, you’ve got to admit that there are the most breweries per square mile than most other major cities. For the best experience: start at Harpoon for the best IPAs and cheesiest pretzels, head to Sam Adams for lagers and more seasonal and specialty brews. Finish your evening off with Trillium Brewing Company – the rye ales are killer and a must have at Trillium.

Rent a Bike

There has been nothing but food related visits so far, it is time for something a little more active. Grab a day pass from Hubway and pick up a bike from any of the 150+ stations through out the city. Explore trails throughout the city, along the Charles River, or use the bike to more effectively brewery hop. Don’t forget a helmet, they aren’t provided, and you’d much rather have one if that’s how you are jumping from biergarten to biergarten.

Check Out Boston Art Week

Art Week is the time we can all let our inner pretension and let the art critic inside let loose. With more than 60 distinct events to choose from, visitors can enjoy unique experiences and see the creativity of these artists really shine through. The week is filled with interactive shows and displays and is the perfect day trip for locals and tourists alike.

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour

No city can get to Boston’s age without a ghost tour, just can’t be done. This may be the only ghost tour in the city, but you had best believe that it is a delightfully haunting excursion. You’ll visit the same spots where the Boston Strangler once lurked for victims. Be regaled with local tales of murder and mayhem. What’s not to love, well, other than the trouble sleeping that night.