Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Despite the inherent creep factor that my girlfriend refuses to admit is in all crooners, and this song is filled with, it is true. December is cold, and according to the calendar I have on my desk, is the first month of winter. That means that unlike most months of the year where I can list all these awesome hikes and bike rides to take, I need to come up with some indoor activities that are good for the whole family. Something to warm the cockles, which is also a gross word.


This is at the top of my list anyway. I like board games, there is something great about the tactility of it. Get together with some friends, maybe grab a pizza and some beers, and play literally anything but Monopoly. No one likes Monopoly, but it somehow has a stranglehold on what people think when they hear board games. Break out Settlers of Catan, House on Haunted Hill, Ticket to Ride, Fortune and Glory; you have so many better options, and all of them will strengthen the bonds of friendship.


This isn’t the second thing on my list, but I also recognize that board games didn’t make the cut for most people. With that in mind, I added this art and or craft activity. Everything that I know about scrap-booking tells me that you will probably need to rummage through the storage unit that you don’t like to visit. A quality scrapbook brings old memories back to the fore. This of course means that you need to take adequate care to ensure the memories you hold precious are in decent condition into the future. Not quite sure how to do that? I got you covered.


In a much too real way, this is at the top of my list, seasonality notwithstanding. I like movies, I got fancy movie watching degrees and everything. That means that when I do a movie night, I go with weird themes. Like, “movies that star Leonardo DiCaprio that do not prominently feature water.” That is a way narrower selection than I think people expect. It might as well just be Wolf of Wall Street. Be creative with your selections, otherwise the whole thing is just a farce. You can watch Netflix any night, but to watch every movie where Johnny Depp plays a totally normal character? That’s a narrow and very pointed day.


There is nothing wrong with the cold, truth be known. I moved half-way across the country to have better access to cold weather. Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play. Maybe go on a ski trip, take advantage of the activities that you can’t do most months of the year. Sure, it’ll probably mean a trip to your storage unit to get your winter clothes out of storage. Upside, if you planned your life like a pro, then you have a climate-controlled storage unit, and it’ll be toasty warm in there.


Sure, this one overlaps clearly with the board games or scrap booking or movie nights, but this one is supposed to be a touch fancier than that. I’m talking cheese plates, I’m talking matching wines, I’m talking nice china, I’m talking having a proper dress code. Make a fancy people memory, I don’t really do fancy dinner parties. My social gatherings are far more in line with we chip in $10 for pizza and are probably wearing sweatpants. That’s a bit more my speed, and maybe it’s yours too and there is not a thing wrong with that either.