Brandon: Florida Really Enjoys Boy Names for Towns

Brandon: Florida Really Enjoys Boy Names for Towns

I mean seriously, Jacksonville, Brandon, I understand that they are likely named after important historical figures. It would be nice to see like a Marshaton or a Jennifer. No less bizarre a name than Brandon. Moving on from that point, Brandon is a neat little area, and is full of stuff to do. Most of that stuff is family friendly, so here are my top picks for things to do in Brandon, Florida.

Buddhist Temple

We live in some truly fascinating times, and there is something particularly special about Wat Mongkolratanaram. Once you get over the fact that it looks like the worst Scrabble hand imaginable, it has some of the coolest architecture anywhere in Florida. With events every month celebrating Thai and Buddhist culture, Wat Mongkolratanaram is the single greatest place to come and experience a new culture without having to live the city, much less the state. Admittedly, their website is very intimidating, but the people there could not be nicer or more welcoming to people wishing to experience their culture. The only real complication is being sure to show the proper respects. Remember that this is sacred land, treat it as such.

Dinosaur World

Ever wanted to go to a real-world Jurassic Park, and then you realize that it was all just a movie based on a book whose real purpose was to expose the dangers of capitalistic behaviors? Well maybe that example is a little too “me” specific, but that doesn’t make Dinosaur World any less cool. Think of it like a zoo, but that is dog friendly and heavily features dinosaurs. No, there are no real-live dinosaurs for you to look at but the exhibits will capture a child’s imagination, and that’s a good portion of the point, isn’t it?

Pioneer Town

It isn’t called pioneer town, but it should be. Cracker Country is a replica pioneer village where you and your family can explore life during pioneer times. The illusion is complete with period appropriate buildings and staff in appropriate costuming. Activities include a blacksmith shop, cane mill, train depot, school house and the relevant homes of the people who populate the town. It is a truly unique attraction, and is something to look at if you are in the area.

Sky Zone

No, Sky Zone isn’t exactly a unique attraction, but that does not make it less awesome. Sky Zone is a trampoline park, and believe me when I say these things are the coolest – and by extension most dangerous – place to take a kid on a given afternoon. The whole place is nothing but trampolines and padding for the inevitable falls. If you are like me have always wanted to do a Ninja Warrior style obstacle course, those are available too. These places are cool and always worth at least a single afternoon.

I will always argue that Brandon has an odd name, as do many Florida towns, but it also has a lot of heart. That’s something that can be easy to overlook sometimes. If you are considering this area, it is a great place for families with loads of activities for all ages. Just take the time to look around.

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