Derek Discusses iStorage’s New Gate Systems

Hi, my name is Derek Bergeon, I’m the Senior Vice President for iStorage. One of the things we pride ourselves on at iStorage is how we use technology in our business. Now, the storage industry hasn’t changed a whole lot in the last 30-40 years, but that doesn’t mean that our customers or the environment that we operate in isn’t changing. So, we’re glad to talk about a few features that we offer to our customers at all of our stores.

One of them is Bluetooth gate access, and why is this important. In the traditional sense, a customer would drive up to a gate or walk up to a gate and have to key-in on the keypad. Well that can be somewhat trying in more in-climate weather areas. When you’ve got rain dumping on your head or piles of snow coming down, the last thing you want to be doing is opening your car window or standing outside to get into the property where you are storing your items.

We have installed Bluetooth where you can pull up to the gate and either push a button on an app or just get in proximity of the gate and the gate will open up for you. We want to make sure that your experience keeps you safe, sound, try clean, and all those other nice things. So come check us out, we have locations in 23 states, we probably have a facility near you, if not try another National Storage Affiliates location in 35 states and Puerto Rico and let us help find space for what matters most.