Best Camping Sites in Maryland

young friends camping on beach gather around fire and roast marshmellows

One of the best activities to do during the summer will always be camping. There’s just something so enjoyable about spending time in nature and remembering the simpler pleasures in life. There are more incredible spots to camp in this beautiful country than we could ever visit in a lifetime! What better way to round out the summer bucket list …

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Summer Bucket List for College Kids from iStorage

flip flops beach ball and snorkel

Ah, sweet summertime. We wait all year long for that juicy watermelon and that first cannonball into the pool. Even for adults who must work, it remains a special time of the year that causes a little less stress and gives permission to have a little more fun. Here are the 10 things you need to cross off your Summer …

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Reasons to Move to Jacksonville, FL

There are few places like Jacksonville, Florida. Sunshine, good people, AND a low cost of living? SIGN US UP. Not that you really need them, but here are a few reasons to move to Jacksonville, FL: Reasons (Really, Reasons!) To Move to Jacksonville, FL: The Beaches Everywhere It’s what we always like to imagine the rest of Florida is like. …

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