Cities vs Suburbs: The Ultimate Smackdown

Cities vs Suburbs: The Ultimate Smackdown

It’s the age-old question isn’t it? Cities or suburbs, in the thick of it or having a nice quiet home. While it is possible to say that one isn’t better than the other, and that it’s a, “different strokes for different folks,” where’s the fun in that? It’s time for the Ultimate Smackdown! Which is better, cities or suburbs?


Some might say that I am starting cities out at a massive disadvantage, and they would be correct. The whole reason suburbs exist is because it is very expensive to live in a city. Rent for the same size apartment can be almost double in the city versus in a suburb. Of course, the boatman always collects his fare, and the same is true here, because…


Suburbs are boring, I have written about suburbs a couple of times and let me tell you one thing: the thing to do is go to the city. That’s pretty much it. There is no nightlife in the suburb, no restaurants that are open after 9, in fact a lot of delivery places stop around 10. Want to take in some culture, or see a show? Got to leave the suburb. Bands and concerts don’t happen in the suburbs, and when they do it’s always an all-ages show, and usually something like the Wiggles. Again, there is a price to pay for living in the city…


If you don’t really like nightlife, let me tell you it is loud and bright. The only solution that I have found to really fix this is blackout curtains, and they are only kind of effective. Sometimes you want to see the bustling cityscape just outside your window – or more realistically the dirty alley behind your studio apartment that hosts an odd number of racoons. Then you forget to shut the curtains before going out for the night, and you just want to go to sleep but now it’s loud and bright and you can’t do anything. It may not sound like an actual nightmare, but I have had war style flashbacks about it. It still haunts me…


I currently live in a suburb, and it’s nice, it’s quiet, there’s a farmer’s market on the weekends, but every weekday I must drive into the city for work. It’s not the worst commute in the world. About 30 minutes, but nothing in the world can adequately prepare you for how bad drivers are in the morning. In all seriousness, there has been a wreck every day on this commute. Every. Single. Day. The commute should be something close to 15 minutes, but man people are bad drivers. Bad enough that I have started to question how they function in their everyday life.


One thing that I miss about living in the city is not really needing a car. I would hop on a metro-train and be at work in 10 minutes, I would walk to the grocery store that was just down the block. When I wanted to eat out there were dozens of restaurants by every bus and metro stop, and when I didn’t there was an Indian place that would deliver. I really was living the life. Now those days are gone, and I sort of miss the beauty that was walking everywhere.


The city, I mean come on. People settle for the suburbs. No one lines up or buys tickets to visit the quaint little village outside of New York City – or at least not without plans to do something in the Big Apple. That isn’t to say that suburbs don’t have their charm, but when it comes to wanting to lead an enviable life, filled with all kinds of activity, the city is the only way to live.

That said, the biggest downside to living in the city is the lack of space. I moved to a suburb, I pay the same rent and have double the space. Double the space. The solution is relatively simple, and that is get in touch with a reputable self-storage center near you. There is a solution that will suit your life style, and a way for your garage band to play even when you don’t have a garage.