Derek’s Address: How Much Space Do I Need?

Derek’s Address: How Much Space Do I Need?

Hi, my name is Derek Bergeon I am the Senior Vice President for iStorage. One of the most common questions we get in the storage world is: what size unit do I need for my stuff?

We will use a common case scenario. A family with a three-bedroom house is moving locations and need to put all their stuff in storage. The size of the storage unit can depend on a few things, one is how often are you going to access that unit? If you are going to be regularly accessing your items while in storage, I would recommend a little bit bigger space because you will want to leave room for walkways so that way you can access those goods. If it is something you are going to be putting in long term storage, and not access the unit quite as frequently, then you can condense that space down because you can use all that space for your items.

So, for this case in a three-bedroom house, no appliances, but dining room and living room furniture plus two or three bedrooms worth of goods you could go anywhere from a 10×15 to a 10×30 size unit. To get more specific, we have some resources we encourage you to utilize ( that can help you determine how much space you are going to need. You can also give us a call, and lean on one of our field experts to help you navigate through that decision.

We are in 39 states, and so chances are we have a store near you. We ask you to give us a shout to help you solve your storage needs and provide you with space for what matters most.