Four Twin Cities Festivals Worth Getting Pumped For

Four Twin Cities Festivals Worth Getting Pumped For

Life in the Twin Cities is a little odd. First conceptualizing that yes, you live in St. Paul. No that isn’t a suburb of Minneapolis. Yes, it is a city, it’s just near Minneapolis. Gets a bit tiring, but now is festival season, and guess what Twin Cities? There are a lot of awesome things happening all over the place, some in Minneapolis, some in St. Paul, but each one is worth being excited about. We did a bit of digging for you and found four Twin Cities Festivals worth getting pumped for.


This annual event is part sales pitch and part workshop. If you have no idea how to grill or how to get started into that amazing culinary tradition the first weekend in May is devoted to teaching you just that. GrillFest is about for prepping for the summer and spending time outside grilling. Tickets are at the steep price of $55 a pop, but this event is truly not one to be missed – and it lets you sample food from over 100 vendors. That’s value right there.

Root Beer Run

If you have always wanted to participate in a fun run but tend to max out at about a half-mile, this is the perfect event for you and the kids. The Root Beer Run offers not only an incredibly relaxed fun run, but it also offers you root beer when you’re done. Before you ask, of course you can make that a root beer float. There are also bounce houses, food trucks, arts and crafts, it’s a community gathering in the purest form and that is always worth getting excited about.

Mystery of Cats

This is a bizarre event, but it’s free, albeit with an optional donation to help diabetic cats. This art festival focuses its attention entirely on cats. From paintings to videos there is something for every cat lover to be excited about. If you’d like you can even commission a personalized portrait of your cat – imagining you can get them to sit still long enough for it! There are also plenty of cat adoptions and ways to support non-profits at this event and we would strongly recommend stopping by if cats are a part of your life.



It could hardly be a summer festival without talking about Parktacular. This event June 12-14 is something of a catch-all when it comes to summer activities. It has swimming and aquatic activities, it has fishing and workshops on that, pony rides, scavenger hunts, and then the whole event ends with a Father’s Day waffle brunch. Now if that isn’t something that everyone can get behind, then nothing ever will be.

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