How to Make Moving Day as Easy as Possible

How to Make Moving Day as Easy as Possible

Moving can be an exhilarating, nerve-wracking experience. When moving day finally comes, it’s important that you’re prepared. Doing so will help reduce the stress of your move. How can you make moving day as easy as possible? We’re going to look at seven tips that can help your moving day move smoothly.

Develop A Schedule

making a schedule for a move

Before you get into packing, it’s critical to first develop a schedule. When moving, the tasks can seem daunting and never ending. By creating a schedule, you will help reduce stress and complete tasks more efficiently.

To start, you should create a list of all of the tasks that you need to complete. This includes everything from packing to moving services and more. From there, rank each of the items by importance. Finally, set deadlines for completing these tasks and stick to it. Not only will this help everyone to know their role in the move, but it’ll keep your family from stressing if something goes wrong; simply move to the next task and cycle back when you can.

Create A Budget

woman budgeting a move

Moving can be expensive. Many people spend $10,000 on moving and still have more to do. It’s crucial that you have a budget and stick with it.

We recommend developing a list of all the expenses associated with moving. From there, calculate the total of all of your expected moving costs. Then, create a budget based on this information.

Decide What to Keep

pile of clothing on floor

Sometimes you can’t take everything with you when you move. While it can often times be easy to throw your belongings into storage, that isn’t always the best solution for moves.

We recommend putting your belongings into three piles: keep, donate or trash. From there, you can decide what to do with some of your items.

Label Everything

blonde woman labeling moving box

We can’t overstate this point. Many inexperienced movers neglect to label their boxes while packing. This leads to confusion and wasted time whenever they unpack their belongings.

To avoid this problem, we recommend writing a label on every box you pack. You should find the labeling strategy that works best for you. With that said, here is an easy method that you can use.

First, label your items by room. For instance, master bedroom, living room, etc. Second, label items that you want to unpack first. If there are any essentials that you need to unpack quickly, label these items. This will help you stay organized and prepared during your move.

Don’t Put Valuable Items in The Moving Truck

gold valuables on wood table

Certain items aren’t meant to be put in moving trucks. If you want some of your items to be secured, consider keeping valuable or breakable items in your personal vehicle. This will protect these items from any potential damage.

Have Children Stay at A Friend’s House

friends at slumber party

Moving day can be a stressful, chaotic day. As such, you should try to keep younger children out of the home on moving day. See if a friend will have your child over for the day. Doing so will help your moving process go by quicker while also keeping your children safe. If avoiding the move is not possible, be sure to be open with your child about what is going on. Communicate clearly and ask them questions about how they’re feeling so they feel they can tell you if they’re scared or uneasy about the sudden change.

Take Photos Of Furniture

outdoor clean furniture sunset

Sometimes large pieces of furniture can’t fit in the moving truck. Remember that beastly piece of furniture that you had to put together? You don’t want to have to reassemble it all over again. To avoid having to rebuild furniture, take pictures of furniture as you take it apart. This will help you put it together quickly after the move.


There you have it, seven tips you can use to make moving day a breeze. Use these recommendations to take the stress and worry out of moving.