How to Not Die on a Commute

How to Not Die on a Commute

I recently moved to the suburbs, and one thing that never really occurred to me before is how awful commutes are. I hear about people who have an hour or longer commute and have really no idea how they stand it, mine is only 30 minutes. I spend at least 10 of that wondering how people passed their driver’s exam. So, if you find yourself in a lengthy commute, here are a few ways to make sure that the commute doesn’t slowly chip away at your soul, leaving you a hollow shell of the person you used to be. Or, as is the case for me, a bottle of pure rage.


First step to surviving the soul crushing agony that is a daily commute is to plan, that means get yourself some podcasts. There are thousands to choose from, and they range in topics from politics to radio-plays. Whatever it is that quiets that voice in your head that screams during stand-still traffic on the highway, there is a podcast for it.


Believe it or not, there is this tiny lever in your car that is designed to let all the cars around you know what your next move is. You hit that lever up just a little bit and you show you are going right, down and you are going left. While every driver must prove that they know this “turn signal” exists prior to getting their license, it would appear everyone forgets on my commute. Just because everyone else drives like a crazy person does not give you permission to. We both know your mom would be disappointed, let alone what Mr. Rogers would think.


It is a fact that every commute becomes worse the exact moment there is an unexpected delay. Apps like Google Maps and Waze give real time updates to commuters, so any delays come with a little warning. With knowledge being power and time being money, these apps will make you a rich god because that’s how it works, right? In more reasonable terms, if there is an alternate route after getting into rough traffic, it makes sense to take that before you get bumper to bumper.


Now don’t we all know that we would if we could. In an ideal world my work would be just down the stairs from my bed, I could roll out onto the floor and crawl my way down to work each morning. Unfortunately, that is not really an option – unless you can telecommute. If you cannot, see if you can spend a night or two a week with some friends closer to work and store some clothes/car in a nearby self-storage facility. It’s a neat hack that will allow you to avoid parking-lot highway traffic.

Do you have any commuter survival tips that I missed? Maybe you have a preferred commuting podcast or know of other car features that will keep you safe on the highway. Let your friends at iStorage know, maybe we can help cut that nasty commute.