Need to Pack Light? Here’s How

Need to Pack Light? Here’s How

Packing light for a trip is no easy feat but with the right tips and tricks, it’s definitely doable. Whether you’re camping and backpacking with only a limited amount of items you’re able to take, or you’re going on an extended trip outside of the country, being able to pack light is a skill that will help you travel much easier and stress-free. Plus, when you’re able to only take a carry on, you save yourself a ton of both time and money. We’ve outlined the simple steps to push you in the right direction.

Start out Small

stressed woman packing suitcase

Start with a small suitcase. With less space you will have to limit your items. With fewer items, you will by default start packing light. There are a few other tips and tricks, so don’t think you are out of the woods yet.

Prep Yourself for Laundry

Don’t be afraid to do a little laundry during your trip. This will allow you to bring less clothing and instead just wear the same items multiple times.

Check the weather forecast ahead of time

The weather is prone to change, but wide swings are unlikely to occur. Knowing what to pack for will help keep you from packing unnecessary items.

Limit the Shoes

young woman selecting shoes

Choose outfits that will go with the same pair of shoes. Shoes can take up a ton of space and make your luggage much heavier. Try to limit yourself to only 1-2 pairs to bring that you can wear with anything.

Layer for the Journey

Since it usually gets pretty chilly on the plane anyway, choose to wear the most layers and heaviest items on your flight. That way, you’re saving room in your luggage and you keep the weight to a minimum.

Use All Available Space

Maximize your personal item. You are always welcome to bring an additional item along with your carry-on. Use a small backpack instead of a purse or laptop bag so you can fit more stuff in it (including your purse) and it will still fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Pack Effectively

rolled scarves

Keep everything dense. Use all the nooks and crannies in your suitcase, by stuffing socks and underwear into your shoes, and use the rolling method to allow your clothes to take up as little space as possible.

Travel Size Your Tolietries

Get travel-sized everything. There’s no sense in bringing your full-sized shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc. when you’ll be gone a limited amount of time. Head to the store and grab some travel items before you leave, or take advantage of the samples the hotel provides you.

Don’t Pack for a Maybe

Don’t play the “what-if” game. Yes, traveling provides a lot of unknowns and there’s always things that will come up, but likely you won’t end up needing any of the “just in case” items you want to pack.

Rule of 3

capsule wardrobe

Stick with the rule of 3’s when possible. Three shirts, three pairs of pants, three shoes. Everything else is probably unnecessary.

There you have it! Stick with these 10 tips and tricks to packing light, and you’ll be stress-free globetrotting and exploring in no time.