Oktoberfest: Bring Out the Fancy Beer

Oktoberfest: Bring Out the Fancy Beer

Oktoberfest has become popularized in recent years for the United States. Truth be known, I don’t know when it started. I just remember one day waking up and going with my girlfriend at the time to go eat latkes with applesauce and pay way too much money for other fair foods. Oktoberfest really loses its appeal before you can legally drink. It also loses its appeal shortly after you can legally drink. There is just a great transitional period where Oktoberfest is just the place to be. It is important to remember what else Oktoberfest means, besides very German outfits and too much beer. Autumn has come, and winter will soon follow. Here are a few things you should take care of between beers.


If you live some place that experiences the change in seasons that the world is meant to have, it is time to break your winter clothes out of storage. While they might not have immediate use, they will be called up to the plate sooner than you think and it is better to have them before the snowstorms hit. Just as nobody wants to be caught with their pants down, so too does nobody want to be caught in the snow with shorts.


Here I don’t mean clothes, because I am sure that you read the above one, and while taking things out of storage also put the other things back in. Right? Well there are a few other things that you’ll want to be sure find their way into storage. Water skis, boats, SCUBA equipment, pool toys, swimsuits, all these things need to be put away. Partly because I don’t think that you own all those things, but mostly because they will otherwise be taking up unnecessary space in your house and make it feel cluttered, if you are suffering from an over cluttered home, I can help with that too.


I say this in an oddly high number of blogs, but in this case, there is very little excuse not to. While packing and unpacking your boxes, find the things that you know you never wear or use and put them aside. I would take them to a donation center, as all things have utility, and just because you don’t need them doesn’t mean that no one does. Get an early start on the season of giving. Find a donation center near you.


Maybe this one is a little too me specific, but I have a captive audience, and this time of year makes me regret making a New Year’s Resolution bet with my friends. Every year it’s a pool of $20 a person, and whoever accomplishes, or comes closest to accomplishing a real resolution wins the pool. The rules are that it must be something you have been meaning to do or need to do and that it will be challenging for you to get there. By Oktoberfest it has become clear that I will lose this bet, basically every year. If you need a way to motivate yourself to keep your New Year’s Resolution, feel free to take that. All goals are easier to accomplish with accountability.

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