Over Sea, Overland Park, Kansas

Over Sea, Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas is a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. It’s a pretty swanky place. It has a lot of great activities for the family, it has a vibrant nightlife, it’s near to KC – which is a massive benefit. Today, I am going to focus on some of the awesome things to do in Overland Park, with an emphasis on family friendly things to do. Might help you fill out a weekend, and isn’t that what we really want?

Escape Rooms

I know that there are cooler things for most people than your average escape room, except not really. Escape rooms are awesome, and people should do them more often. Overland Park has seven facilities nearby, seven. Each one has like three different rooms from which to escape. That’s twenty-one different rooms total. That sounds awesome. Of course, some are harder than others, and they should be. If you have never done one before, bring some friends, grab a couple of drinks before and enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t manage to escape in time, you will have a great time in the attempt, and that’s what really matters.

Urban Air Trampoline Park

Ever wanted to do an obstacle course as an adult, but also realized that the activity is deemed childish in the broader world? No? Just me? Well thankfully, Urban Air has more than just obstacle courses, it has trampolines and rock climbing walls and a bounce area for kids. It’s cool, and there are other facilities nearby like Sky Zone, which offer some variation on the central theme of adult versions of a childhood activity.

Blade and Timber

Alright, yes, this one is in Kansas City, so sue me. Also, no, it probably isn’t something you can or should bring your kid to. But you get drinks and throw axes. That’s pretty much it. Not super fancy, not a lot of gimmicks. They hand you a hatchet and a pitcher of beer. You drink the beer and throw the hatchet at the wall. That sounds like a great time to me, and I know I was going to focus on child friendly activities, but I am not going to not talk about how awesome this is. Also you can bring kids, they just need to be above the age of 10 to participate. They even have birthday options. If staying in Overland Park is important, there is Bury the Hatchet, which is functionally the same, but without beer.

Little Monkey Bizness

Now I’m skewing hard in the other direction, this is designed almost entirely for children. It’s an indoor playground. It is exactly what it sounds like, a safe place for kids to run around and burn off that excess kid energy.  It is extraordinarily child friendly, and is well worth a visit if you have active little ones, or need to trick the inactive ones into being active.

Overland Park has a lot going on, and a lot nearby to do. It has fun for the whole family, as well as more specialized things for adults and kids alike. The only thing missing is taking advantage of it. Take a weekend, grab the family and friends and go have an adventure.

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