Spring Wardrobe Ideas for 2020

Spring Wardrobe Ideas for 2020

Spring is in the air, which means it is time to start packing away the winter clothing and pulling out the spring wardrobe. Before you begin packing up your winter attire, you need to read these tips on how you can turn your winter wardrobe into a spring wardrobe for that transition to spring, where the weather flips back and forth. Knowing what to do with this weather is important before you put away your heavier clothing.

After reading this you will learn how to leverage clothes you already own and turn them into a new spring transition wardrobe.

For the Ladies

Everyone knows that spring is the time for pastel colors, in shades of green, purple, pink, yellow and blue signaling the end to the gloomy blacks and greys of winter. It’s also a time to pack away heavier items and opt for a light sweater or jacket and stash away the boots and throw on a pair of open-toe heels. Or so you would think.

Get more life out of your winter wardrobe by slowly transitioning into your spring wardrobe. Here are a few tricks to try to transition your winter wardrobe.

Slowly integrate color into your wardrobe

woman wearing pastel scarf

  • Use lightly colored scarves as belts to add accent to your outfit
  • Wearing bold colored jewelry
  • Boldly colored shoes such as red or hot pink with a black and grey outfit.
  • Playing with colors is a fun way to make the weather transition

Wear lightweight fabrics

denim jacket for windy day

As the cold weather starts to fade, you can begin swapping out your heavier winter clothing for fabrics that are lighter in weight. Choose light blazers, bomber jackets, and denim jackets to stay warm.

Pair your knee boots with a flirty dress or skirt

woman wearing knee boots and dress

Don’t put those knee boots away just yet. If you pair them with a spring dress or light print skirt, your legs will stay warm while still looking stylish and chic.

Wear your oversized sweaters

woman wearing oversized sweater outside

The whole idea of transitioning is to slowly prepare yourself for the warm weather. You’re giving a message with the oversized sweater still says it’s chilly while the skirt or light bottoms anticipate the warm weather ahead.

Layer your look

woman in trench coat during spring

Make sure that you look at yourself in the mirror before you step out if you are layering. There are creative and effective ways to layer without looking like a 4-year-old picked out your outfit. Cardigans underneath blazers are a very trendy and sporty look.

Wear flats, open toe heels, ankle boots

open toe heels

Start pulling out the flats, open toes and ankle boots to add some pizzazz to your winter clothing. Try pairing ankle boots or flats with a skirt or light color jeans to get in spring mode.

Wear winter bottoms

winter pants on cold day

Winter work pants with a spring printed shirt, or vice versa. Some stylists say you should start at the top and slowly segue into a complete outfit. In other words, wear heavier bottoms with lighter tops to give yourself an even balance. However, you can always add a brightly colored heavier bottom.

Wear leggings

woman in full spring outfit

Everyone has at least one pair-If you are still experiencing somewhat chilly weather, wear black leggings or tights underneath a skirt with a pair of flats.


The men have not been forgotten in the winter wardrobe transition to spring. For the men, it’s a little easier to go through the transition. Here are some helpful tips to get you through.

Layers are your friend

man in layered outfit sees world

Men should follow the rules of layering just like women. Don’t store your lighter jackets just yet. You can wear unlined sports jackets with a pair of jeans.

Lighten up the footwear

brightly colored mens shoes

Light-colored shoes with dark-colored denim and a bomber jacket will send the message that you are ready for the weather. Or try implementing a pair of desert boots(if you own them) with your outfit.

Bright and Neutrals are right

man in light colored shirt pants

Neutral colors work best, and you can throw in a coral-colored shirt underneath a darker unlined sports coat. Accenting your wardrobe with brighter colors will help ease the transition from winter to spring.

Key Points

spring time couple having fun

1) Layer

Thicker or heavier clothing outward keeping lighter clothing underneath. Make sure that when layering you’re using breathable fabrics. Do a quick test with your fabrics and see if the light will pass through if so lay it on.

2) Neutral colors

These can pair with spring patterns and bold colors. Winter colors tend to be more neutral, so opt for adding a little color during the transition period. Accessories are the best way to slowly transition. Just make sure that your accessories match the outfit. Don’t wear winter accessories like gloves with a short sleeve top and mini skirt.

3) Cardigans

Cardigans are a favorite when it comes to layering. It pairs perfectly under a sporty blazer and it is breathable.

4) Crew pullovers, turtlenecks

These two items are the perfect complement to a layered outfit. You can wear either one of these tops alone or with other layers. They are breathable, lightweight, and long sleeve, the perfect combination when transitioning.

5) Use white bottoms or cotton shirt

Pair together white pants with a dark-colored sweater or heavy cotton shirt

Too Long, Didn’t Read

It’s important to note that the transition wardrobe is typically for those that live in colder climates. This transition period can be tricky, however, just remember these things before storing your winter clothing:

  • Leave out a couple of “light-weight” jackets and sweaters and a few of your winter favorites.
  • Make room in your closet for transitional wardrobe items. These items should be at the front of your closet.
  • When planning your outfit for the day, remember that the temps are usually lower in the morning and rise by the afternoon, so plan accordingly.

Finally, enjoy transitioning to your spring wardrobe and have fun accessorizing and mixing and matching the two seasons. You should now know the in’s and out’s of doing so while looking chic and trendy from reading this article.