Things You Keep That No One Needs

Things You Keep That No One Needs

Remember collecting comic books as a kid, and you’d hold onto or seek out very specific issues; a favorite in my collection would be Incredible Hulk #180 and #181. To those out of the comic collection world, that is the first appearance of Wolverine. The pair is worth a pretty penny, but not everything is worth quite so much, and somethings are worth quite a bit more. Before you dive deep into your secure storage unit digging for that Action Comics #1 that you know you have. Slow your roll and realize most of your collection is junk. If you are already out the door, you might as well consider re-organizing your unit while you’re there. That comic isn’t in there, and if it were you would have known.


If you were a dork, like me, and held onto every issue you got because you thought they might be worth something someday. I got some news, short of having a popular character’s first appearance in their number one issue which also featured their nemesis, you don’t have a lot. While Action Comics #1 sold for tens of thousands of dollars, if you had one, you’d know and probably also would have sold it. Best case scenario, you have a bunch of Punisher comics, which you’d be looking at hawking to cover lunch.


This one seriously pains me to say, because I was a real nerd in school. I had Pokémon cards, my dad told me to hold onto them because baseball cards, right? Turns out, unless you have some of the very first ever made, best case scenario you are looking at $3. That’s not nothing if you have a lot tucked away in the box of childhood things in the storage unit. For most of us, there might be enough cards to take the family out for a nice dinner.


This doesn’t apply even remotely if you are in the landscaping business and use your storage to keep a fleet of lawnmowers and other lawn equipment. If you are a normal guy who just happens to own multiple lawnmowers. Just, why do you own more than one lawn mower? It just seems wasteful. If one is broken or something, donate it or learn to fix it. You don’t need multiple lawnmowers. If you own a castle, you still don’t need multiple mowers. Truth be known, you probably have a landscaping crew, and they have their own, as I mentioned above.


When I say junk here I mean junk. Stuff that should have been thrown aware years ago, but somehow keeps finding its way into the next round. We all have something that fits that bill, whether it be some cords or appliances. Might be that sweater that you know you’ll never wear but is still just hanging in the closet, painfully watching you. Whatever your junk is, I can’t say, but you can. Make your home look less like a hoarder’s cave and throw away the things that literally no one needs.