Time to Get Out and Volunteer in Kansas City!

Kansas City just have barbeque and jazz, you know! Obviously, our Kansas City Chiefs put us on the map, but that’s a different story. If you didn’t already know, we’re also a huge volunteer city. So where can you volunteer in Kansas City? There are many excellent organizations for volunteers in Kansas City. These groups help the less fortunate and give food to the homeless. Indeed, volunteering is one of the traits that sets KC apart and makes us a stronger, more connected city. So, If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Kansas City, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together this list of organizations that are in need of caring volunteers. If you have the heart, volunteering for one of these organizations is life-changing. So without further ado, read on to find out how to Get Out and Volunteer in Kansas City!

Time to Get Out and Volunteer in Kansas City!

816 Bicycle Collective

816 Bicycle Collective is perfect for kid-oriented volunteering! This fun location provides hands-on training to riders to help repair their bikes. Also, they repair bicycles that others might consider trash. They donate these like-new bikes to children and adults in Kansas City. For example, low-income commuters can fix a bike at 816 Bicycle Collective for free. How? The volunteers there (that might be you!) help them do it themself! The most exciting part? 816 Bicycle Collective is 100% volunteer-run. It’s one of the best kid volunteer opportunities in Kansas City! It’s worthy of your time, energy, and caring.

816 Bicycle Collective / Facebook

518 E. 31st St. Kansas City, MO

Phone: (816) 343-8518O


Serve KC

Try Serve KC if you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Kansas City. While they aren’t a specific volunteer group, they post about volunteer opportunities in KC. They’ve created a dedicated, inclusive space for all people who love volunteering. With Serve KC, you can choose the volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule and skills best. Additionally, if you have an event that needs volunteers, Serve KC can help you find them! They host a Facebook group where you can post volunteer opportunities in Kansas City of any kind!  

Serve KC / Facebook

Address: 3704 E 12th St. Kansas City, MO

Email: sc@weservekc.org

Wayside Waifs Humane Society

If volunteering in KC with animals on your list of things to do, Wayside Waifs needs you! They are Kansas City’s largest no-kill animal shelter. Established in 1944, they’ve adopted out almost 5600 animals. Also, there’s no time limit for care in their facility. An adoptable animal will stay there until it finds its forever home. Wayside Waifs is a comprehensive organization that provides many different animal services. hat includes adoptions, education programs, and even memorial services. If you like working with animals and are looking for a volunteer opportunity, you found it! Wayside Waifs is always in need of caring people who love to give a good ear scratch!


Wayside Waifs Humane Society / Facebook

Address: 3901 Martha Truman Rd. Kansas City, MO

Phone: (816) 761-8151

Volunteering for Thanksgiving in Kansas City

The holidays can be very tough if you’re experiencing homelessness. Obviously, it’s a special time of year. However, that time of year gets more difficult if you don’t have food or shelter. That’s why many volunteer organizations around Kansas City get together on Thanksgiving. You’ll find many people and groups preparing meals and delivering them over Thanksgiving. Many shelters also prepare a special Thanksgiving meal. As you can imagine, they need volunteers. 

Some of the best places to volunteer in Kansas City for Thanksgiving include:

Other Places in Need Volunteers in Kansas City

While we’d love to feature every organization that does good in Kansas City, it would take a lot more space! To make it simple, below are a few more organizations in Kansas City that need volunteers:

In Closing

Everyone here at iStorage wants to say thank you for helping our community. There are hundreds of organizations that need volunteers around Kansas City all year. If you’re compassionate, caring, and skilled, they need your help. We’re so glad that you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Kansas City today. Best of luck finding one that fits your special skills.