Top Toys to Donate This Year

Top Toys to Donate This Year

The holiday season is a time for giving, and it’s also the perfect time to donate to some children’s charities that you love. When it comes to kids at Christmas time, donating toys can be a wonderful way to show how much you care. If you’re not familiar with organizations like Toys for Tots and other nonprofits, talk to several of them to find out what they need this year. To show some love and participate in gift giving, here are some of the top toys to donate this year. Use this guide to help you get into the holiday spirit and give to children this year who are less fortunate.

Art Sets and Craft Kits

arts and crafts set on table

Kids of every age and gender love to get creative. Look for all-in-one art sets that include everything children need to be their own artist. These kits usually come in a nice carrying case and include things like paints, brushes, and a few canvases or colored pencils and a sketchbook. Crafting kits are also a lot of fun and they’re fairly inexpensive. Crafts can help children take their mind off things and it gives them a chance to be creative. It’s also an excellent toy to stimulate the mind and the imagination while encouraging other children to participate, too.

Lego Kits and Action Figures

child playing with lego set

Every child loves Legos, and these are a constant part of charity wish lists almost every year. 2019 is no exception, as there’s always something new and exciting coming out in the Lego world. Pick out a fun Lego kit with a theme like Star Wars, or you can choose to donate a basic kit with the standard colors and sizes. Either way, kids will always love to get a brand-new Lego set. Action figures are also really popular with children. Check out a few gift guides to help you get an idea of which action figures are “hot” this season.

Games and Puzzles

man holding puzzle pieces in sunlight

You really can’t go wrong when you give games to children. Consider donating a board game to the charity organization itself. This will give them something that the kids can play with and it also encourages them to spend time together. You can also donate games individually like card games, board games, and puzzles. Check out what the latest popular games are so you’re sure you are giving something kids will enjoy. Puzzles are also great and come in a range of sizes and styles. Ideally, anything that’s between 500 and 1,000 pieces is a great choice for children.

Don’t Forget Infant Gifts

baby toys arranged on floor

There are plenty of moms out there who are struggling this holiday season. Make their holidays brighter by giving some sweet infant gifts. Your donation can be anything from soft swaddling blankets to crib toys and teethers. Ask the charity you plan to donate to what their greatest needs are. Most reputable charities will have a list of the things they want and need to help you find the right items. Remember to always donate new items that include the tags or come in a sealed, unopened box or packaging.