What to Store for Summer 2019

What to Store for Summer 2019

When summer approaches, it’s time to consider the items you won’t be using for the next several months. When you opt to store items during summer, you’ll not only free up space, you’ll also be able to organize the things you are not planning to use for several months. It’s also a great way to prepare for summer activities so you can break out the warm-weather goods. Here are a few helpful tips that will guide you when it comes to summer storage.

Say Bye-Bye to Winter

First, you’ll want to go through your closet and take out any bulky winter items. This can include items like heavy coats and jackets, winter scarves and hats, and snow boots. Now is also a good time to purge any winter clothing items that are worn out or that you don’t plan to wear again next season. For everything else, place it in large bins and label them so you know what’s inside. You can take them to your local storage facility and keep them safe until next winter. Consider a climate-controlled storage unit if you live in areas with higher moisture levels and humidity. Aside from clothing, if you snowboard or ski, you can store your winter equipment, too.

Storing Your Off-Season Items Correctly

Since now is the time for summer activities and perhaps a vacation or two, it’s the season for swimsuits, sunhats, and flip-flops. When you store your winter clothes, check the pockets first and remove anything that may have been left behind. If you can wash clothing, it’s best to do so before putting them in storage Fold them to minimize stretching and stash them in a bin before taking winter clothes to your storage area or placing them in your closet.

For winter equipment, you should thoroughly clean your skis and snowboards as well as extra gear. Clean all surfaces and then sand the edges. Apply wax to prevent your winter sports equipment from getting dried out. It’s best to stash winter sports equipment inside a bag or hang a sheet over them to keep dust, rust, and warping at bay. When possible, keep the gear stored upright and on a soft surface. You can place them on top of a towel or a scrap of carpet if you plan to store them in a storage unit with a hard surface floor.

Follow the Four P’s

Whether you’re a college student coming home for the summer or a snowbird heading home, it’s a good idea to try and use the four p’s for seasonal storage. These include:

  • Purging: Get rid of the items you don’t plan to use next winter. This includes items like ripped or torn jackets, old scarves, and broken winter gear.
  • Planning: Make sure you’ll have ample space in a storage unit that you rent or in your closet. Since the season is changing to summer, you’re going to need to shift some things around to ensure there’s enough room for summer fun.
  • Packing: Pack away large and bulky winter items and store them in large boxes or wrap them in sheets to allow airflow.
  • Prepare: Before storing any of your winter items, make sure you wash clothing or treat your skis and snowboards with wax. Proper prep will keep your favorite winter items protected while they await your return next season.