What’s it like to live in a Tiny House?

What’s it like to live in a Tiny House?

Tiny homes are the latest trend sweeping over America. Tiny homes are made of simple, natural materials with clever storage ideas and they’re designed to appeal to people who want a more natural way of life. There are many advantages to tiny homes. They’re cheap to build, take up a lot less land, are more sustainable than larger homes, and they areĀ  easier to maintain. Advocates of tiny homes say that living in a small space allows them to focus on what’s really important in life, without having to worry about their possessions taking over their life. The appeal of a tiny home is that it encourages you to pare your lifestyle down to the essentials that genuinely matter to you. TV shows love to paint an idealized picture of what it’s like to live in one of these tiny houses, what’s it really like to live in a tiny home?

Space is a premium

large woman with feet up in a tiny houseWhen moving into a tiny home from a normal sized one, you’ll probably find that you have a lot more stuff than you can fit into your new lifestyle. A lot of this is clutter that can be simply recycled or donated to charity, but there will inevitably be items that have personal value but that you don’t have space for. Many tiny homes have really smart ideas about personal storage space, but if you find that your items don’t fit, you may have to consider long-term storage, which you should factor into your living expenses.

Say goodbye to convenience

There are many things we take for granted in a normal-sized home, like the ability to have a pantry, laundry room and other spaces dedicated to simple household tasks. These spaces fall away in a tiny home, so be prepared to spend a lot more time outside, doing laundry at the laundromat and eating out instead of preparing large lavish meals. Also mentally prep for fewer trips to Costco, no point in buying in bulk if there is no place to put it.

You can’t be as social at home

If you have a bustling social life, filled with friends coming over to visit, a tiny house might not be suitable for you. Most tiny houses are designed around one- or two-person living, and there just isn’t enough space for large gatherings. Some houses do come with sleeper couches or other sleeping arrangements, while others only have one loft that can fit a double bed. Also, if you’re moving in with a partner, consider that you’ll suddenly be a lot more up close and personal than before.

Be prepared for clutter

inside a tiny houseClutter in small spaces is weird, on one hand you can clean the space very quickly, on the other it takes putting your shoes in the wrong place to make the whole space feel over cluttered. Adverts for tiny homes show immaculate spaces that are neat, clean and organized, but the reality can be very different. There is little space for nick-knacks and putting your personal touch on the space can prove difficult. Unless you store most of your items in long-term, secure storage, your tiny house will very rarely look like the one in magazines and on TV

A tiny home presents a number of opportunities and challenges. The concept of simplifying your life and getting back to what matters in incredibly appealing, but if you’re planning on making the move, make sure that you’re prepared for the reality as well as the dream.