Which is Which in Wichita

Which is Which in Wichita

Good old Wichita, the land of my uncle David. Fun guy, uncle Dave. Took my brother and I on camping trips, had a basement – which growing up in Oklahoma was a pretty great thing. He also had a huge TV, like 50 inches, back in the day of CRT TVs, so a lot of youth wouldn’t be able to really appreciate that; let me say though that nothing was as cool as watching Jurassic Park on that thing as a kid. Anyway, I always liked visiting uncle Dave, not because his house was sweet, but because there always seemed to be something to do; something that my brother and I had not done before. So, I am going to share some of the things I remember doing when my parents shipped him and me up to Wichita.

The Zoo

Anyone who has read this blog long enough should know that I just love zoos. There is something great about every well-maintained zoo. The Wichita Zoo, or the Sedgwick County Zoo, is no exception. With areas divided by continent, there is always a new big cat to see or a near that has gone unvisited. Be honest with yourself, those are really the reasons that you go to the zoo. To see the huge mammals that can and absolutely would eat you in the wild. Also, the chimps, you must love the chimps.

Museum of World Treasures

I have never really been a fan of museums. There is something I always found kind of uninteresting about walking around and seeing a whole bunch of similar things. After a while, all paintings just look the same. The Museum of World Treasures is exactly my speed, it is an eclectic combination of every imaginable interesting things, from Civil War artifacts to a whole section devoted to dinosaur fossils and ancient sea creatures whose remains were found in the Great Plains. It has a little bit of everything, so if you have trouble caring about a building full of paintings, this might be the trip for you.

Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center

I’ll own up. This might be cheating, because of course events will change each visit if I include the Convention Center, but come on, who doesn’t love a musical? Maybe don’t answer that, but the point remains valid. Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center, with a constantly rotating schedule ranging from gun shows to a production of Disney’s the Little Mermaid, is sure to be something of interest for the whole family.

Wichita is a great city, literally bursting at the seams with things to do. Whether that be learning about the life that currently exists around the world, the life that used to exist across the planet, or taking in a little bit of high culture, there is something to do in Wichita. I have some found memories of spending summers in the city with my uncle, and am happy I got to share some of the things that we did with everyone else. It’s really easy to forget the things that you see every day, and can be hard to take the fullest advantage of them.

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