Why You Need Climate Controlled Storage

Why You Need Climate Controlled Storage

When deciding what type of storage unit is best for you, you may want to consider a special type of self storage unit that offers climate control.

Extra Protection

These premium indoor storage units keep temperature levels between 55 and 85 degrees inside the unit. Climate controlled storage units give your items extra protection from heat and cold extremes that can damage them. Since these units cost a bit more than traditional storage, consider whether the items you will be storing would do better in a temperature controlled environment.

Some items that will benefit from a climate controlled environment:

  • Woods, leather goods, or other natural materials can be degraded by extreme highs and lows in temperature.
  • Metals and mechanical items can be damaged by rust caused by high heat and humidity.
  • Paper documents or delicate fabrics can yellow, dry out, and weaken with varying temperatures.
  • Electronics and household appliances can be especially sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Special collections including coins, stamps, photographs, comics and even wine need even temperatures to ensure their value for years to come.
  • Musical instruments such as pianos and acoustic guitars can easily be damaged by extreme temperatures.
  • Artwork and craft supplies need temperature controlled conditions to keep paint and canvas from degrading.
  • Storing clothing off-season is a great idea for freeing up closet space at home. Keep them clean, dry and mildew free in a protected storage location.
  • Business and tax documents need to be protected from extreme temperature changes that can cause inks to fade.

Some additional ways to protect your valuable items while in storage:

  • Make sure all items are clean, dust free and in good repair before storing.
  • Consider plastic storage bins over cardboard boxes for additional protection from humidity.
  • Store photos in low-acid containers, never in cardboard boxes.
  • Clean and oil wood antiques prior to storing. Do not stack antiques on top of one another. Cover chair legs with bubble wrap or felt to protect them.
  • Check the average temperatures in your climate controlled unit before storing wine. Wines should be stored between 55-57 degrees. Ask about specialized wine storage available at some of our iStorage facilities.
  • Clean and dry appliances before storing, and remove all water hoses.
  • When storing electronics cover them with a sheet to protect from dust while allowing air circulation. Cover glass screens with bubble wrap to prevent breakage and disconnect all power cords.
  • Wrap artwork in felt and store upright rather than stacked.
  • Treat leather furniture with a leather conditioner prior to storing.

Keep an inventory of your items

It’s a good idea to make a list of all valuables before storing. You can even take photos or video with your phone for reference. Keep a list of replacement costs in the unlikely case you need to make an insurance claim due to unforeseen damage or loss. Knowing the value of your items can also and help in estimating appropriate coverage levels.

How To Know What Type of Unit You Need

If you still have questions about what type of storage solution is right for you, your facility manager and the knowledgeable staff at iStorage can help you choose the best option. They can assist you with packing and storage tips for your special items as well. At iStorage you can even purchase packing supplies like moving boxes and bubble wrap when you rent a unit.

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