7 Attic Storage Ideas for Your Attic Storage Space

If you’ve never peeked into your attic space but need extra storage at home, this article will help. You might already be using your attic, though, and want answers on how to maximize the storage space there. No worries, we’ve got answers for you too! In either case, if you want to get the most out of your attic storage ideas, read on! We’ve got 7 Attic Storage Ideas for Your Attic Storage Space coming right up!

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Idea #1: If You’re Having a Home Built, Include Plans For the Attic Space

Was your home finished when you purchased it? Then you’ll have to make do with whatever attic space you have. But, if you’re having a new home built, you should talk with your architect about maximizing attic space. The fact is, just like any other area of your home, your attic space should be well-planned. This will help you maximize its storage area, no doubt. Even better, it can often make going into (and getting out of) the attic a more straightforward, less risky task. In short, don’t overlook the attic! Let your architect know it’s an important and valuable space for you. (That’s especially true if you plan to convert it into a living space down the road.)

A Few Things to Consider When Planning

There are things to consider when planning the build-out of your attic storage space. (By the way, your architect can answer any questions about these and show you what they look like.)

  • Use a gable roof rather than a hip roof. Many believe a gable roof looks nicer and adds more character to your home. Plus, it also will give you considerably more open, useable space in the attic.
  • Use a high-pitched roof rather than a low pitched roof. A low-pitched roof may be cheaper, but a high-pitched roof provides many excellent long-term benefits. They include up to 60% more usable storage space (and standing-up room) for starters. Then there’s the fact that high-pitched roofs improve drainage drastically and look more appealing to the eye. Lastly, with more ‘dead air’ space, your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Have your attic built with attic trusses instead of traditional trusses. Trusses are the supports that keep your roof in place. In most attics, they create a maze of beams that make it very frustrating to get around. That’s because they use traditional trusses that don’t consider being able to use your attic space. If you want more attic space, you need to talk to your architect about using attic trusses. That way, you’ll have an open, useable area in the center of your attic that’s easy to use.

Idea #2: Install A Railing Around the Steps for Your Attic Storage Space

While this isn’t attic storage ideas, it is an idea that could save you or a loved one’s life. The attic in most homes is cramped and hard to navigate. Even worse, attic steps are usually not traditional steps but instead pull-down steps. When open, you pretty much have a hole in the floor, and well, that’s bound to cause accidents. To prevent someone from getting injured, a railing around the attic steps is one of those excellent attic storage ideas. They’re easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and will make all your attic adventures safer.

Idea #3: Use Large, Clear Plastic Containers You Can Easily Stack

What’s the worst thing about going up into the attic? To us? It’s not knowing where anything is. Most people put their stuff into old, beat-up boxes that all look alike. Or in big, plastic bags that end up making a ridiculous mess on the floor. One of the best attic storage ideas we’ve seen is to use clear, plastic stacking bins. The bigger, the better, so that you can see everything that’s inside. That way, when you go up to retrieve something, it doesn’t take you all day to do it.

Now, some people get plastic shelving units to stack their plastic bins. You can certainly do that and, if your bis are different sizes, it may be helpful. On the other hand, you can always get a bunch of the same size stackable bins. That way, you can skip the extra expense of the shelving and save yourself a few bucks. 

Idea #4: Have Your Attic Storage Space Partially Finished

Here’s a fact; finishing the attic like the rest of the house is usually unnecessary. First off, it’s the attic, not a living space. Second, it costs a lot of extra money. Sheetrock, plaster, flooring, painting, and trimming a loft can easily cost $10,000 or more. However, if you partially finish your attic, you’ll save money but open up more storage possibilities. For example, you could install a plastic cover over the insulation, making it more healthy in terms of breathing. Or, you could have the attic sheet-rocked but leave the sheetrock unfinished. As for the floor, bare plywood has its charms, no doubt.

With a partially finished attic, you can store things like seasonal clothing (especially enter coats that use half the closet). A partially finished attic will also protect your items better from dust, squirrels, insects, and so forth. It can also make the attic more inviting. We’ve seen some folks who’ve turned the attic into a sort of nostalgia den. A place where they can sit and revisit their memories alone or with loved ones.

Idea #5: Use All The Available Space, Even Between the Trusses

Some attics only have plywood in certain areas to make a workable floor. However, between the trusses and rafter, there are all sorts of extra storage space to be had! Below are a few of the best ways we’ve seen to store things not on the attic floor:

  • Hang baskets on hooks attached to the trusses
  • Use these cool truss organizers to add extra space.
  • Add shelves between the trusses and around the perimeter of the attic.
  • Hang a rod between the trusses to store seasonal clothing. You can also hang your seasonal wreaths and keep them from getting ‘smashed’ while in the attic.

Idea #7: Put In An Attic Fan For Comfort

This is one of those must-do attic storage ideas. If you plan to get the most out of your attic, there’s one thing to keep in mind; they get hot. They get too hot for many, making them unsafe to enter in, say, July and August. The best way around this is to install an attic fan in your attic. Attic fans used to be super-popular, especially in the south. They’re economical, work great, and will keep your attic much cooler in summer. (Which will also protect your valuables.) One of the best things about attic fans is keeping the rest of your home cooler in summer! It’s a win-win attic situation!

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Idea #8: Make Sure Your Attic Storage Space is Well Lit

There’s no sense in improving your attic storage space situation if you can’t see what’s happening when you’re up there. That’s why it is vitally important to make sure there’s adequate lighting. For some, that might mean a call to an electrician to put in some extra wiring and outlets. For others, a simple plugin light you can hang might do the trick. (Make sure the cord is out of the way and doesn’t present a tripping hazard.) Extra lighting will make it much easier to locate what you’re looking for. It will also make it safer to enter and exit the attic, keeping accidents to a minimum.

BONUS IDEA: Rent a Storage Unit for Overspill

For some homeowners, the attic won’t cut it when it comes to the storage space they need. If you find stuff spilling all over your home, a storage unit rental may be the perfect solution. They’re affordable, easy to rent, and very safe, and secure. Plus, a storage unit is easy to access. If you own something bulky you frequently need, getting it from a storage unit will be more comfortable than the attic. They have large doors and drive-up access too. Have something that needs safety from severe temperatures? If so, a climate-controlled storage unit might be the perfect solution. If the attic isn’t enough, renting a storage unit may be the ideal solution.

Have Fun Organizing Your Attic!

We hope these attic storage ideas have given you some inspiration about your attic and storage possibilities. Remember, if you run out of space, you can always rent a local storage unit to store the rest. Best of luck with all of your attic storage ideas!

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