6 Fun Things to Do in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

View of Fort Lauderdale

Have you ever been to America’s version of Venice, Italy? If you’ve been to Ft. Lauderdale, you certainly have! The city is affectionately known as “America’s Venice” due to its extensive system of canals, waterways, and lagoons. With so much water, there’s also an abundance of boats, from kayaks to powerboats, sailboats, and so many more. But, there’s more than …

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Cost of Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Fort Lauderdale was once a relatively secluded coastal town, a well-kept Florida secret. Nice weather, calm breezes, just an all-around good weekend escape. Then the college kids started showing up for Spring Break and everything changed; well, not everything, the weather is still good, and the breeze is still calm. The upside is that Fort Lauderdale is still a great …

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