Why Can’t You Laminate a Social Security Card?

why cant you laminate a social security card?

It’s a mystery people have wondered about for years; why can’t you laminate a social security card? When you think about it, other forms of ID can be. Your driver’s license, for example. Those have had lamination for decades. If you have a passport, you know the page with your picture and personal information is glossy too. ID cards you …

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Are Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units a Waste of Money?

It’s no surprise that at iStorage, we have many different sized storage options. So whether you need a large or a small unit, we’ve got you covered. If you are moving or just want to downsize, the advantage of choosing a climate-controlled self-storage unit will protect your items from the elements. Climate-controlled units are perfect for extremely hot or cold …

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How to Store Your Paintings Properly

poorly stored canvas paintings

Paintings bring beauty to the home, and they’re a reflection of our own personal style and preferences. If you own several paintings but you need to put them in storage, it’s essential to store them safely and properly to keep them protected. This guide will help you learn how to store your paintings properly and what measures you can take …

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