Is It Still Worth Moving to Chicago in 2024?

Aerial view of Chicago at night

There’s no denying that Chicago has a powerful allure with its massive skyscrapers, rich culture, and magnificent Lake Michigan shoreline. Indeed, the Windy City has always been a magnet for folks seeking new opportunities and big-city dreams. If you’re considering moving to Chicago, the information below will be invaluable. It’s a deep dive into the city and whether or not …

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How to Prevent Dust in a Storage Unit

person dusting wood with a sponge duster

Dust accumulation in your storage is almost always inevitable, and letting it build up isn’t good for you or your belongings. Especially if you have items in long-term storage, it’s essential to have a plan to prevent and clean dust from your unit. No matter what type of storage unit you rent, airborne particles will settle on your belongings over …

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Detroit, MI, Neighborhood Guide in 2023 

skyscrapers and city in detroit

If you’re moving to this historic, cultural city, you likely want to know about Detroit’s neighborhoods before choosing where to live. To that end, the information below will be beneficial. It’s a guide to the neighborhoods in Detroit from the storage professionals at iStorage, as well as a breakdown of the cost of living in the city. Read on if …

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9 reasons to move to Boynton Beach, FL

aerial view of boynton beach

Are you moving to lovely Boynton Beach, Florida, soon? If yes, there are dozens of questions racing through your mind. For example, what’s it like living in Boynton Beach, and is it an affordable place to live? Are the amenities, attractions, and schools in Boynton Beach above average? What about the weather and job opportunities? To answer these questions, iStorage …

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Moving To Minneapolis Guide

skyline of Minneapolis with cars driving on the highway at night

Are you moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota, soon? If so, lucky you! Minneapolis is a diverse, vibrant city with its fair share of excellent attractions, luxuries, and outdoor experiences. After all, this is the Land of 10,000 Lakes and situated along the mighty Mississippi River. To find out more read the Moving to Minneapolis Guide below from iStorage! Relocating to Minneapolis …

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7 Reasons to Live in Redford, MI

word Redford printed on a map

If you’re moving to Redford, Michigan, you will likely have many questions about your soon-to-be new town. What’s the climate like, for example, are the winters cold, and is Redford an affordable place to live? So, if you’re searching for the answers and some deep-dive data about Redford you can use to plan your upcoming move, read on. Below are …

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