7 Reasons to Live in Redford, MI

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If you’re moving to Redford, Michigan, you will likely have many questions about your soon-to-be new town. What’s the climate like, for example, are the winters cold, and is Redford an affordable place to live? So, if you’re searching for the answers and some deep-dive data about Redford you can use to plan your upcoming move, read on. Below are 7 reasons to live in Redford, MI, and many more essential information tidbits.

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Is Redford, Michigan a Good Place to Live?

Redford Charter Township is considered one of the best places to live in Wayne County and offers an upscale, modern lifestyle with many excellent amenities, attractions, and more. The cost of living is affordable, especially housing, and crime rates, while not low, are only slightly higher than the national average. One drawback of living this far north is that Redford, like all towns in Michigan, has long, cold winters. Summer in Redford is gorgeous, though, and there are many things to do, see and enjoy in this mid-size American town. In short, yes, you can safely say that Redford, Michigan is an excellent place to live.

7 Reasons to Move to Redford

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There are several excellent reasons to move to Redford, as the following list will attest.

Outdoor Activities

Niche gives Redford an A for outdoor activities because, when you’re in the very heart of the Great lakes area, outdoor life is compelling, and exciting and comes in many different forms. Boating, fishing, skiing, hunting, camping, climbing, and more await you when you live in Redwood!

The Cost of Living is Low

One of the best reasons to move to Redford is that it costs almost 12% less than the national average to do so. In addition, housing in Redford is incredibly affordable, with median home prices around $138,000. The highest cost here is transportation, likely due to long, cold winters that take a toll on cars and trucks.

The Commute to Detroit is Short

Unlike many other towns that border major cities, Redwood’s commute time is lower than the national average. That’s a good thing because driving in sleet and snow is no fun for anyone.

Redford is Highly Diverse

If a diverse range of people, opinions, languages, and customs is appealing, living in Redwood will be a great place for you. A wide range of people from all over the world call the town home.

Crime Rates aren’t Awful

Everyone has heard about the high crime in Detroit, unfortunately. In Redford, however, crime rates are only slightly above average.

The Nightlife is Fun and Exciting

Being this close to a big city with big sports teams and big dreams has its perks. Redford is said to have a very exciting nightlife.

Housing Costs are Genuinely Low

Yes, we mentioned this already, but it begs to be repeated as the housing prices in Redford, MI are truly affordable.

Is Redford a Good Area?

Compared to many other areas in Detroit you can safely say that Redford is a “good” area, especially if “good” means good schools, low crime rates, friendly neighbors, and entertainment opportunities. As mentioned earlier, Redford’s crime rates are only slightly higher than the national average, and far lower than some other towns and cities in North America.

What is Redford, MI, Known For?

If we’re being honest, Redford was primarily known as being a suburb of once-mighty Detroit. Today, however, this quaint town is known for several other things, including:

  • Being home to over a dozen excellent parks.
  • Having several festivals during the year that attract folks from all over
  • Throwing one of the best Oktoberfests in the state.
  • Being near Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Romulus, and Livonia, MI.
  • Having an OK school system.

What Festivals does Redford Have?

Redford, MI, has several fun and fabulous festivals throughout the year. There’s always something to do, see and enjoy in this Michigan town, and when there’s not you still have the great outdoors! The list of festivals in and around Redford includes the following:

  • Backwoods and bonfires Music Festival
  • Detroit Whisky Festival
  • Corktown Parade Festival
  • Detroit Shamrock Festival
  • Detroit Home Opener festival
  • Uncorked: The Detroit Wine Fest
  • Michigan Ramadan Market
  • Taco Showdown Detroit
  • The B.I.G Art Show

How Far is Redford from DTW Airport?

You’ll be pleased to know that Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) is a short, 22-minute drive from the center of Redford, MI.

Is Redford a Suburb of Detroit?

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Yes, Redford, Michigan, is a proud suburb of Detroit, about 30 minutes northwest of the city’s center. The town has access to Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, is directly east of Ann Arbor, and is about 2 hours northeast of Toledo, Ohio. If you need movers or long-distance moving services, we suggest you set them up well in advance, especially in winter when the chance of snow is highest. (Call a moving company about 6 to 8 weeks before you move.)

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