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Redford, MI Self Storage Units

The days of one-size-fits-all storage facilities are over. If you’re searching for storage in Redford, MI, we have a storage solution to fit your needs. We know not everyone needs the same amount of space or wants to store the same types of items. That’s why we have several different storage size designs to help each customer find precisely the amount of space they want and need for their individual needs. If you’re not sure how much storage you might require, we have an online tool that will assist you in determining the size of the storage unit you need.

Our storage units in Redford, MI are designed in various sizes. From roughly the size of a walk-in closet to roomy units that will equal the space found in a two-car garage. If unloading the car in the parking lot and wheeling a dolly or breaking your back carrying boxes have kept you from utilizing an outside storage unit, we have you covered. Our facilities are paved so you can drive your vehicle up to your storage unit and conveniently unload and go.

One common complaint about using outside storage facilities is not being able to access your stored items outside business hours. When you lease one of our storage units in Redford, MI, you will be issued a personal access code that will allow you to enter the storage unit any time you wish, day or night. If you’re concerned about visiting after hours, we have your safety in mind with around the clock video surveillance. Additionally, our storage unit facility is brightly lit and completely fenced in for additional peace of mind.

Do you have delicate items that need a special environment? We can assist you with our special climate-controlled units that keep temperature and humidity at the levels you need them to be. This type of storage is especially beneficial for items such as antiques, computer equipment, and important documents. Our storage units in Redford, MI service both individuals who might want to declutter a home and store surplus household items to businesses that need to store papers or items that need climate control and security such as pharmaceutical samples.

Because we don’t require a deposit at sign up and long-term commitments are not required. Using a storage unit in Redford, MI is ideal for college students who need to clear out from a dorm but don’t want to pack and move because they are returning to the college in the Fall. We have packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap and shrink wrap to make sure any items you store stay just like the day you put them in the unit.

If you’re ready to get storage in Redford, MI, we invite you to set up an account online and use the tool to determine the size of the unit you need. Should you have any questions, we have a knowledgeable staff that is ready to answer any questions or concerns you have. Once you’ve decided on the type of storage you need, pick your unit and reserve today!