Motorcycle Storage: So winter cold doesn't end your warm weather fun


About Motorcycle Storage

There are few things that can match the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle. The whirl and whip of the wind have come to embody a true sense of freedom. Still, it's not that much fun when the wind turns bitterly cold and rain, snow, ice and bad weather turn roads into hazards. Many motorcycle owners park their ride in the garage until temperatures rise again, but you may want or need that space for something else.

With motorcycle storage at an iStorage facility, you don't have to sacrifice valuable garage space or leave your bike in the driveway with a cover over it all winter. Free up space at home, and eliminate worries about the safety and protection of your motorcycle while you wait for the spring thaw.

Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

Gasoline - Protect your fuel tank from corrosion by draining the engine then refilling it with a fuel stabilizer.

Other fluids - Put fresh antifreeze, brake fluid, and oil in your motorcycle. While you're at it, lubricating the throttle, kickstand, shifter, and clutch cables can prevent moisture accumulation and rust over the winter.

Tires - When you place your ride in one of our storage units for motorcycles, lift it off the ground with blocks if possible to prevent flat spots. If that isn't possible, the next best way to prevent flat spots is to place your ride on its center stand and rotate the front tire regularly.

Wax - Waxing the metal on your ride will protect it from moisture accumulation that can lead to rust. Spraying exhaust pipes with a lubricant adds another layer of protection.

Cover - Even if you're storing your motorcycle in one of iStorage's indoor motorcycle storage units, a cover will provide extra protection from dust, dirt, and other debris.

With motorcycle storage locations across the country, iStorage is sure to have one near you. Stop by or call and ask our storage experts about our move in promotion!


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