Student Storage

How to Tackle the Summer with Ease


The summer is upon us, you’re going to hit the beach with some friends, hopefully make a little bit of spending money, and just generally enjoy the fact that you aren’t actively a student just now. While that is all good and dandy, there is one minor detail you haven’t attended to: where are you going to put all your stuff? Odds are if you have an apartment lease, it was just for the school year; the summer is hardly included in that. 

Whether it be summer, a trip abroad, or something else entirely that’s taking you away from your school-home, there is a storage solution to help ease the transition. 

When Would I Need Student Storage? 

There are plenty of reasons to need student storage, from snooping roommates to going back home for the summer. Whatever your reason to store, we are confident we have a storage unit that is right for your needs. There are a few common problems that can be solved using student storage. 

Traveling Abroad

Whether you are traveling across the world or across the state for an extended learning experience or just to see the world, it makes sense to put your belongings into storage. That way you don’t have to pay rent for an apartment you aren’t using and is functioning essentially the same as a storage unit would.

Prepping for Move-Out

Moving out of your college home can be quite the task, especially if you have a job lined up and ready to go after graduation. If this case sounds all too familiar, consider loading your belongings into a storage unit. No competing with other students for good loading/unloading parking spots. 

Hiding from Roommates 

If you need a place to keep a few of your more treasured possessions – or just nicer looking clothes – away from snooping roommates, a storage unit is a great solution. 

Holding on to Old Textbooks

Sure, you can sell that $200 textbook back to the bookstore for $25 of instore credit, or you could hold onto it and sell it to next semester’s students. You could sell it at a sharp discount compared to the bookstore’s used books and you’d be better off. 


Let’s face it, every summer, you need a place to keep your things. Whether you are living in the dorms, or have a nine-month lease at an apartment. Why rent a truck – twice – to move everything you own back home? With a short term storage unit, you can move what needs to be moved locally, and save a little money on the whole process.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need? 

Just like the length of written exam questions, the answer is it depends. What needs to be stored and for how long are two of the more likely questions that you will be asked on your search. Your answer will vary a little bit based upon the answers that are given, because everyone’s needs are different. There are a few common storage solutions for commonly stored belongings. 

To help visualize the space, we have a storage unit size guide that can clearly illustrate what each size unit can store. 

What Size Unit for a Queen Size Bed?

While full mattresses can often be stored in a 5x5 storage unit, for queen size beds, it is recommended that a 5x10 is used. This will give enough space to ensure that the mattress is stored appropriately. This unit size will allow you to store the bedframe and any other appropriate furniture that may also be stored.

What Size Unit for Textbooks?

Short of needing a fully planned out library, a 5x5 storage unit will provide enough space to handle almost any book need. While there may not be enough room for a series of shelves, but there will be plenty of space to keep every book purchased, used for one lecture section, and then never touched again. 

How Much Space Do I need for My Clothes?

A 5x5 is roughly the size of a small walk-in closet. If you have a large wardrobe that needs hanging and sorting, a 5x10 might suit better. One of storage’s most frequent uses for storage is as a place to keep out-of-season clothing.

What Size to Store My Room for the Summer?

To store almost any size room, it would usually take a 5x10 unit. There should be plenty of room to store a full closet, a tall dresser, a bedframe, mattress, desk and chair. It might be necessary to get a bit creative with the packing to maximize space, but that should best fit most needs. 



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