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iStorage | Newark Rd
1042 Newark Rd, Mt Vernon, OH 43050
(740) 214-8928
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119 /mo
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154 /mo
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If you are looking for “storage units near me,” look no further, as iStorage can fulfill any storage needs you have! Our storage facility in Mt Vernon, OH has many great features, including gated access, 24/7 video surveillance, month-to-month leasing, and more! Whether you're aiming to safely store your hardware, tools, seasonal items, vehicles, and clothes or looking for a secure spot to clear some clutter, iStorage offers a wide range of storage units in Mt Vernon, OH. Click or call to reserve your storage unit today! 


iStorage Features


At iStorage, we provide some of the best storage units in Mt Vernon, OH by providing a range of features and services that ensure the best storage experience. Some of our most popular features include:

  • Month-to-month leasing
  • Boat storage
  • RV storage
  • Car storage
  • Drive up storage
  • Temperature controlled storage units
  • Knowledgeable Managers
  • Roll-up doors
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Gated Entry
  • Online rental management
  • Disk locks for sale onsite
  • Packing supplies for sale onsite

Vehicle Storage


iStorage in Mt Vernon, OH also offers vehicle storage. Whether you need to store boats, cars, or RVs, we have the right space for you. Oversized storage units are available at this facility to store vehicles as long as the vehicle can fit inside. Contact your Mt Vernon iStorage facility to see availability! There are also requirements for storing a vehicle at iStorage, which are listed below:

  • The storage unit door must be able to close and lock.
  • The vehicle must be in running condition.
  • All vehicles must be registered and insured.
  • A drive-up storage unit will be needed.

Experts in Self Storage


With the number of choices available, selecting the ideal storage solution can get confusing. Our dedicated and knowledgeable managers are always available to offer advice, provide detailed information, and guide you to the storage solution that fits your needs. Contact us today if you have any questions about what type and size storage you need. Our size guide also provides additional information that may help with immediate answers.


Accessible and Convenient Storage Units


When it comes to selecting storage units in Mt Vernon, OH, accessibility is important. At iStorage, we ensure you can access your storage unit around the clock. With no-deposit leases, online reservations, and flexible online payment options, you can reserve and start using your storage unit on the same day.


Secure Storage Units


Security is vital when considering storage in Mt Vernon. At iStorage, we prioritize the safety of your possessions. Our facilities are fully fenced, gated, and well-lit, while constant video security monitoring provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


Contact Us Today


If you are ready to reserve, contact iStorage to get started today! We do not require a credit card to reserve either, so book now! Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are on standby to ensure you find precisely what you're looking for. Experience the difference with iStorage!




Do I need a climate controlled storage unit in Mt Vernon?


Climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature between 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit and help keep humidity consistent as well. Climate controlled storage is best for those who would like to store items that may be sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as unsealed wood furniture, electronics, true leather, etc.


What is an alternative to climate controlled storage units?


Many of our facilities offer a version of temperature controlled storage units, including heated or air conditioned; however, very few offer true climate control, which would include humidity monitoring. To find out what type of temperature controlled units are at your local iStorage location, you can call, chat, or stop by during office hours.


Can I store a vehicle in a storage unit in Mt Vernon?


Yes, you can store a vehicle in a storage unit. However, we have requirements for storing any vehicle in our storage units or parking spaces. The requirements are:

  • The storage unit door must be able to close and lock.
  • The vehicle must be in running condition.
  • All vehicles must be registered and insured.
  • A drive-up storage unit will be needed.

Can I store a boat or RV in a storage unit?


Depending on the size, boats/RVs can be stored in a storage unit or in a parking spot. Knowing your boat or RVs exact dimensions will help you make the right decision. The storage requirements for vehicles also apply to boats and RVs. For further details and assistance on boat/RV storage, please contact your nearest iStorage facility.


How much is a storage unit in Mt Vernon?


Our storage prices can vary between facilities and other available amenities. If you want to know our most up-to-date prices, please call, or check our storage finder tool to find the nearest facility.


How long can I rent a storage unit for?


All leases we offer are month-to-month. Whether you only need storage for a month or longer, there is no need to sign an additional lease to accommodate a greater need. Stay for as long as you will need storage without fear of lengthy commitments. While you are welcome to utilize your storage unit for less than a month, prepayment of one month is required and will not be prorated if your use is less than one month.


Do you need insurance for a storage unit in Mt Vernon?


Yes, insurance is a requirement for any storage unit. If you have homeowners or renter's insurance, it may also extend to your storage unit. Please check your coverage with your agent to see whether storage coverage is included or can be added to your policy. If you do not have your own insurance, we require SBOA Tenant Insurance for your items. It is recommended that customers utilize our plan even if they are using their homeowners or renter's policy, as it prevents your insurance premiums from going up in the event of a claim and pays out prior to insurance claims.


Self Storage Locations

iStorage has a wide selection of self storage facilities across 23 states. Search for a secure and affordable storage unit near you.

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