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About Car Storage

Car storage is the most cost-effective way to keep any vehicle in top condition until you need it again. Classic cars, high-ticket automobiles you only bring out in the best weather, and vehicles you simply don't have space for at home can all benefit from storage. With covered and uncovered outdoor options as well as indoor units, iStorage has a car storage unit that will fit your space, budget, and other needs.

Storing classic cars in a climate where the temperature doesn't rise too high or fall too low is critical — as is protection from harsh weather. Indoor climate-controlled units at iStorage are maintained between 55° and 85°, making them the perfect solution.

When You Need Car Storage

There are many reasons you may find yourself in need of a car storage unit. Maybe you have a vehicle that won't be used when the weather turns cold. Maybe you have an extra car you don't use often but also don't want to get rid of. Or maybe the thought of keeping your classic car on your property makes you anxious, and car storage is an investment in prolonging its life. Whatever the reason, car storage is about more than just keeping the dust off your vehicle. It frees up space in your driveway and garage and keeps your vehicle in mint condition.

Although most people drive with great care, they often don't give much thought to proper storage. This can leave their car in worse condition when it comes out of storage than it was in when it went into storage. The iStorage experts will ensure proper car storage and will discuss your specific budget and other requirements.

Indoor Car Storage

Indoor car storage provides superior protection from the elements. Extreme temperatures, precipitation, sun damage, and natural disasters can all wreak havoc on your car. You typically pay more for an enclosed car storage unit, but you may save money in the long run because you don't have to repair hail damage, a cracked windshield, or a flooded interior. Whether your car is a classic collectible with high monetary value or is priceless to you for other reasons, if you need to store it for a long period, enclosed storage will give you peace of mind that comes with the ultimate protection it provides. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering the size of indoor storage:

  • Compact and small cars can fit into storage units that measure 10 x 15 or more and have garage-style doors
  • Full-sized cars require at least 20 feet, with most vehicles fitting in a 10 x 30 unit.
  • When measuring your car to calculate the size, don't forget to include side mirrors, towing hitches, etc.
  • Make sure the unit you choose is wide enough to accommodate the width of your car as well as the length.

Outdoor Car Storage

Uncovered car storage is a budget-friendly car storage solution that doesn't protect your vehicle from the sun or snow, but does offer secure protection from theft, vandalism, and other types of property damage. A covered outdoor unit includes the type of roof you'd see on a carport, which provides some protection from the weather.

Outdoor parking spaces typically start at 20 feet and include a variety of lengths. They are the cheapest option, but we don't recommend them if you live in an area susceptible to bad weather. If you choose to go with an outdoor unit, we recommend a high-quality car cover to guard against precipitation, sun, and other environmental threats.

Advantages of Car Storage

Indoor Car Storage

  • Provides the best protection from the elements
  • Includes a roll-up garage-type door that can be locked

Outdoor Car Storage

  • Fenced-in and well-lit to provide a safe environment for your vehicle
  • Paved parking areas provide smooth access
  • The most budget-friendly alternative

Covered Car Storage

  • Outdoor parking with a roof similar to a carport
  • Mid-range cost that costs more than uncovered outdoor storage but less than indoor storage
  • Protects from the elements

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