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Vehicle Storage

A lot of folks these days see parking in their garage as the height of luxurious vehicle storage. If you don’t have a garage or are looking for a place to park any type of vehicle in any season, iStorage has options for your vehicle storage needs. Our facilities offer drive-up access storage units. These can help keep your vehicles in pristine condition. If your vehicle is too large for a unit, we have outdoor parking spots available as well. We proudly offer RV and boat storage options for larger vehicles.  

Small Vehicle Storage

This type of storage refers to vehicles that are smaller than the average car, such as motorcycles, jet skis and snow mobiles. Each of these vehicle types have similar, but distinct storage needs.  

Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycles are more often stored inside an enclosed storage unit rather than parked outdoors at the storage facility. Keeping the wheels elevated will help keep your bike in pristine condition throughout the storage period. This is especially important for storing the motorcycle long-term. Motorcycles require special care before going into storage. If you aren’t sure what steps to take, our guide is sure to help out

Jet Ski Storage

Unlike motorcycle storage, Jet Skis are more often stored in covered parking outdoors than inside a storage unit. The primary concern here is to make sure they remain fully covered and elevated to keep them in mint condition. While utilizing Jet Ski storage, it would make sense to use the appropriate covering directly on the jet ski. This will prevent build-up of dust and dirt which could later lead to faded paint and rust. 

Snowmobile & ATV Storage

Like other small vehicles, snowmobiles and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are stored rather in enclosed units rather than parked. This helps keep the vehicle in the best possible condition and most closely mirrors what storing in a garage is like. 

Car Storage

Car storage comes in two types: indoor and outdoor. While there is a little bit of nuance there, it mostly comes in the form of if there is a roof. Each option comes with pros and cons: 

Indoor Storage

This provides the most complete protection from the elements, and most closely resembles garage parking. This is an excellent solution for long-term storage and should be the first option considered when storing luxury or classic cars. As would be expected, indoor car storage is more expensive than outdoor parking. It would be best to rent at least a 10x10 storage unit for this to allow plenty of room for most cars.

Outdoor Parking

Provides no additional protection from the elements. For uncovered parking spaces, vehicle covers are strongly recommended for long-term storage needs. This is to ensure that the vehicle stays in great condition. This is the most affordable option for vehicle storage. This is often utilized for boat and RV parking as well.

Covered Outdoor Parking

The last type of parking is a hybrid of indoor and outdoor, and is most commonly used by RVs and other large vehicles. If you have a need for covered parking, these spaces are widely available. These spaces offer protection from the rain and direct sunlight.

If you aren’t sure what car storage is right for you, check out our car storage page for information. 

Large Vehicle Storage

This refers to any vehicle larger than the average commuter vehicle. Most commonly this includes semi trucks, RVs, and boats. 

Semi Truck Parking

Semi truck parking is almost entirely limited to outdoor parking. Many facilities offer covered parking options to help protect trucks during their time at a storage facility. While the storage units large enough to offer indoor parking for semi trucks are available, always check the store. Due to the nature of semi truck usage, it is not recommended they remain parked for extended periods of time. For more information about semi truck parking, check out our semi truck parking guide.

RV Parking 

Much like semi truck parking, there are few indoor enclosed solutions for RV parking. The most popularly chosen option for RV storage is through covered parking, which is available at many storage facilities across the country. It is strongly recommended that food items, precious belongings, and fuel is removed from the vehicle prior to long-term storage. This allows the greatest degree of security and prevents pests from infesting the vehicle. Additionally, to help protect the interior, it is best to pull the blinds to prevent sun-damage.

Bus Parking

Whether it is a school bus or a charter bus, there is a parking option available for your needs. Using some of our RV or Semi Truck parking spaces will allow you to easily park any sized vehicle. Whether that be a large bus, or a converted RV, there are storage options available.

Boat Storage 

Outdoor Storage Units:

Smaller boats may be stored inside much like cars or other small stored goods. The larger the boat gets, however, the more often they are parked outside in covered or uncovered parking. Much like cars parked outside, it is recommended they are covered prior to being left in storage. Most storage facilities are well equipped to handle any boat storage concerns. It is further recommended boats be parked in covered parking. This will provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. This is especially important given the length of time boats often stay in storage.

For more information about how to properly store your boat, check out our boat storage guide.

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