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About Semi Parking

Looking for a place to park your Semi? Homeowners associations and city ordinances can prohibit parking it on your property and other locations. One solution that many overlook is semi parking provided by self-storage facilities.

iStorage offers uncovered semi parking, and at some sites, covered semi-truck parking.

The size of your semi truck will be a major factor in determining the square footage you need in a parking space. The on-site managers at iStorage are experts in storage solutions and can work with you to decide which option best fits your needs and budget.

When You Need Semi Parking

Some people are surprised to learn that city ordinances regulate parking on not only city streets, but also on private property. They often prohibit parking oversized vehicles in front of a home unless the vehicle is loading or unloading. Some cities go so far as to restrict the amount of time that loading and unloading are allowed to 48 hours in a one-week period. Be sure to check your city ordinances to find out about semi-truck parking rules.

Neighborhoods with homeowner associations may have weight restrictions or other regulations that prohibit parking a semi in front of your home or anywhere on your property. Homeowner associations pose challenges with rules about the appearance of properties in the neighborhood. They rarely allow semis to be parked in the street or driveway of any resident for an extended period.

Purchasing a semi is an investment. Like any investment, you want to protect it from theft or damage. Semi’s are sometimes targets of vandalism and can suffer from overexposure to sun, wind, and snow when they're not in use. With well-lit, secure, self-storage facilities, the safety of your semi is ensured between trips. Self-storage facilities are also an excellent option for winter storage when freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall can cause damage.

Advantages of Semi-Truck Parking

  • Paved parking areas
  • Semi-Truck parking at a site with on-site staff reduces the risk of theft, damage, liability, and vandalism.
  • A variety of parking space lengths are available to accommodate a range of semi sizes
  • Security cameras, gated access that requires a personalized code, and fenced-in parking areas provide additional security.
  • Well-lit facilities mean increased security while your semi is parked

Talk to the storage experts at iStorage to identify the best semi storage option for you and learn about our move-in promotions.


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