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Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Extra protection for what matters most to you

About climate-controlled storage

Climate controlled storage at iStorage protect your belongings from damage due to extreme hot and cold temperatures. The moderate temperature of our climate-controlled storage facilities eliminates worries about damage caused by extreme temperatures and humidity.

A climate-controlled environment provides valuable protection for anything you store. Metal, wood, and plastic left exposed to summer's heat and winter's frigid cold can warp and weaken. Our climate-controlled units provide an extra layer of protection for what matters most to you.Climate-controlled storage units are a part of a subset of temperature control unit types which also include heated and air-conditioned storage units. While climate-controlled units offer the most complete protection, there is utility for the others as well.

When you need climate-controlled storage

Climate controlled storage units eliminate worries about possible environmental damage. At iStorage, the temperature in our climate-controlled units never falls below 55° and never rises above 85°. Enclosing these units helps keep out other threats like dust and pests.

Placing your items in climate-controlled storage means no worries about the havoc extreme temperatures can wreak. Wood expands and contracts when exposed to extreme temperatures, causing warping, contraction, and cracking. This expansion and contraction is even more drastic in humid environments. Fabrics and white paper turn yellow, and extreme cold destroys electronics. Protection from these extremes will provide you with unparalleled peace of mind.

When you need air-conditioned storage

Air-conditioned storage spaces keep your valuables cool and protected in even the hottest of climates.

  • HVAC cooling keeps temperatures at lower and safer levels for your heat sensitive items
  • Air-conditioned units are always between 55 and 85 degrees.
  • Air-conditioned spaces keep your household furniture, files, metals, plastics, glass, pottery and wax in top shape.


The benefits of air-conditioned storage are many, but iStorage understands that its higher cost must be considered when deciding whether it's the right choice for you. Here are some factors to consider. Protecting sensitive materials like plastics, metals, wax, and leather can cost far less than repairing or replacing them. 

A visit to your storage unit on even the hottest day of the year is cool and comfortable when air-conditioned. Our interior climate controlled storage units provide more privacy during your visits than our basic drive-up storage units. 

When you need a heated storage unit

When deciding to take on the added cost of a heated storage unit, the first thing to consider is the time of year your items will be stored and the amount of time they will remain there. For instance, if your belongings will go into storage in a warm time of year and for just a couple of months, a heated unit may not be the best choice. If, however, you place your belongings in storage during a cold time of year or if you plan to keep them there for an extended period, heated storage is worth considering.

You also need to think about the items you plan to store. Items that may not require a heated storage unit are things like metal tools, exercise equipment, or items that don’t contain liquid. If your list of storage items includes a combination of things that could use a heated storage unit and things that don't need it, break down your list. Are there just a couple of items that need heat?

If your list consists mostly of items that need to stay warm and dry, heated storage units might be the better option. Don't forget to think about the value of the things you want to store. If important files or items with sentimental value will be stored, the added protection of heated storage can give you peace of mind.

Climate controlled checklist

Once you decide climate-controlled storage is the right choice for you, follow this checklist to get the full benefit of its advantages.

1. Plan

a. List everything you will store. Note items to which you need easy access.

b. Group listed items by material type - fabric, metal, glass, etc.

2. Organize

a. Gather boxes and packing tape

b. Gather items like newspaper, blankets, and bubble wrap for protecting packed items

c. Find pallets or storage shelves for fragile items.

3. Pack

a. Maximize storage space and reduce breakage by packing tightly

b. Pack items made of similar materials together

c. Pack related items together (i.e., pack a bag with the cord(s), remote control, and other related items with the television.)

d. Create a diagram of your unit based on its measurements

e. Use the diagram to plan placement of boxes, with items noted for easy access at the front of the storage unit

4. Store

a. Ask the iStorage staff about access hours

b. Follow the box placement plan you created

c. Leave enough space around temperature sensitive items for air circulation

d. Raise furniture and similar items off the floor

e. Put your list of stored items and your placement diagram in a safe place for future reference

Recapping the Advantages of Temperature-Controlled Storage

Renting temperature-controlled storage costs more than renting basic storage, but in many cases, the advantages outweigh the added cost. Here are some of the advantages you will want to consider before deciding which storage option is best for you. The cost of properly protecting valuable environmentally sensitive items can be less than the cost to replace them.

  • Visiting your self-storage unit is comfortable in any weather because due to constant temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.      
  • No worries about pests, temperature damage, or corrosion if your belongings remain in storage longer than initially planned.        
  • Knowing your sensitive items are protected provides peace of mind.
  • Wood and metal are protected from warping, splitting, and cracking that results from cycles of freezing and thawing that cause contraction and expansion.        
  • Interior temperature-controlled storage units allow more privacy during your visits than basic drive-up storage units allow.
  • Protection from heat, cold, and the elements prevent yellowing and degradation in leather, fabric, and clothing.

Call or visit iStorage today and find out about our move-in specials. Let the friendly experts at iStorage help you find the right space for what matters most to you.