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Kansas City, KS Self Storage Units

Kansas City storage units come in a lot of shapes and sizes. What is important, however, is the service, safety, and security of the storage place itself. iStorage represents the evolution of storage solutions, and that is what makes us the fastest growing storage company in the USA. We give as much respect and assistance to corporations who rent our large warehouse-size units as we do the little guy.

If you are just looking for a space to store your personal items, you’ll notice when you arrive at our location that the grounds are very clean. Our courteous and knowledgeable managers and staff will be most happy to show you around. They may point out our state-of-the-art 24-hour digital security surveillance system. It protects our entire facility, along with the security gate which prevents unauthorized personnel from entering. The lighting system is very modern, and provides bright light, even when you access your unit at any time of night. It is motion-activated and ready to serve you.

When businesses search for Kansas City self-storage, they often need it for files of old documents. They want the best security and protection for these items. They’ve learned that iStorage is the upscale storage solution they have been looking for. Businesses also utilize our professional services for storage of large trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. They appreciate our wide entry, specially made for these purposes. We also provide RV storage, as well as storage for covered and uncovered boats. So, both private individuals and corporations alike choose iStorage for self-storage in Kansas City.

Why not stop over and let us give you a tour? If you are busy, you can access our online storage guide which helps you choose the best unit for your needs. You can also reserve a unit online with our real-time reservation service. Find out about our move-in promotions!