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About RV Storage

You purchased an RV for the lifestyle it provides, and when the weather is clear and wide-open spaces beckon, you're glad you made the decision. The ability to jump in and get away for a weekend or longer is priceless. When the weather turns colder, and travel becomes hazardous, however, you may face the decision of what to do with it until the spring thaw. Either you don't have the room or just aren't comfortable leaving it on your property for an extended period, you may need to find a place to park your RV. Some neighborhoods force you into this situation with rules that prohibit keeping you from keeping an RV on your property at all, which means you need storage. Self storage is a great option for your RV. Below is a table with information on the average price for RV storage. The table is meant for reference only and does not reflect our pricing for each facility. Please call your nearest facility for a current rate! 

RV Storage Type


Average RV Storage Price*

Uncovered Parking


$            103.00

Uncovered Parking


$            138.00

Covered Parking


$            137.00

Covered Parking


$            169.00

*This pricing table is for informational purposes only. Please call for current prices.

When Do You Need It

RVs aren't just for young families anymore. The convenience and comfort, not to mention the money saved on food and lodging, make it an attractive way to see the world when the weather allows. During the off-season, however, and between trips, you need a safe place to keep it. An RV is an investment, and like any investment, you want to protect it. If your community forbids you from keeping your RV in your driveway, yard, or parked in the street, or if you just don't want it taking up space, RV storage offers an ideal solution.

Advantages of RV Storage

There are many reasons you may choose to store your RV with iStorage.

Less Damage: RVs are built to withstand the elements, but, like any vehicle, leaving it exposed to weather conditions for long periods will result in damage. Especially if you live in an area with high humidity, extreme heat or cold, lots of rainfall, or other elemental concerns, keeping that RV under wraps ensures that your next trip won't be delayed because of weather-related damage.

More Security: iStorage storage facilities include features that protect your RV from thieves and vandals. In addition to security measures you could take at home, boat and RV storage give you the benefits of electronic passcode entry, security cameras, locked fences, and on-site staff to keep an eye on things while you’re away.

More Room: Storing an RV takes up lots of space. Even if you have a sizeable garage or lots of yard space, you may need that room for other things. Or maybe you worry because you can't watch it 24/7. Also, many home owners associations say you can't park on the street or even keep your RV on your property.

Convenient Access: Convenience is a major benefit of owning an RV. If you want to get away, you just jump in the RV and go. When you choose a boat and RV storage facility near favorite destinations or roadways you often travel, things become even more convenient, and you save money on gas.

Options in Sizes: No matter what size your RV, the experts at iStorage can provide you with a storage unit that's the perfect size for you.

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