How Businesses Can Benefit from Self Storage

Woman(business owner) standing in front of a few plants

If you own or run a business and you’re looking for methods to reduce your overhead, the information below will be helpful. It’s all about how businesses can save money, time, and energy by taking advantage of self storage and the many benefits of renting a storage unit (or units). From convenience to cost reduction, flexibility, security, and more, storage …

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Can You Laminate a Social Security Card?

Can You Laminate a Social Security Card

Your social security number (SSN) is the number the federal government uses to identify you and track your financial history. Created in 1936, the SSN is one of America’s most commonly used numbering systems. Every American has a 9-digit social security number assigned to them at birth or has one assigned later if they were born abroad. Although assigned to …

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Let’s Do Something Big for Our Community

Things Matter; like a meal before bed. Did you know that in 2020, the US had some of the highest rates of food insecurity in history? That’s why, in support of Feeding America®, the NSA Family of Brands (that’s us) is donating $1 from every rental* in 2021. Total Donated:$56,035 *as of 11/18/2021 For 40 years, Feeding America® has responded to the hunger crisis in the …

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Our Commitment to the Community Post-COVID

We’re investing in our communities and upping our support for national and local charities. We believe it’s our responsibility to work together and make a difference. Whether donating a percentage of our profits to Feeding America® or volunteering time to build Habitat for Humanity® houses, the iStorage team is collectively committed to serving the greater good. Here’s a look at a few of our …

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On Storage Facility Health & Safety During COVID-19 with Melissa T., Manager of iStorage Farmington Hills.

Things Matter. The COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity for us to expand our rental options, enhance our attention to detail, and find even more creative ways to serve our beloved iStorage customers. We’ve made nation-wide changes to our practices that follow expert advice from the CDC in addition to adjustments for each state/municipality to ensure that we are doing …

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