Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

Looking for restaurants to eat at and things to do near Bellville, Texas? If there’s one thing you’ll find a lot of in Texas, it’s small towns full of history and charm. Bellville, Texas, is one of those small towns, and the joy here is legendary. There are so many fun things to do, see and enjoy you’ll forget all about big city life. The people here are friendly and welcoming, too, making Bellville a great place to live and raise a family.

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Bite into a Better Burger at The Hill Restaurant

There’s nothing better than biting into a classic cheeseburger cooked to perfection, something they serve at The Hill every day. Established in 1952, this traditional ‘dive’ is an institution in Bellville with a passionate fan base. If perfect burgers that melt in your mouth are what you crave, The Hill is your destination! Be sure to try one of their malts while you’re there, also. (They’re almost too delicious!)

The Hill Restaurant
758 West Main St.
Bellville, TX 77418

Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

Find Something Fanciful at Nothing Ordinary Antiques & Oddities

Looking for things to do with history, fun, and shopping all rolled into one? If antiquing is your passion, Nothing Ordinary Antiques and Oddities will be a delight! With nearly 8000 square feet of space in an old car dealership, it’s utterly remarkable. You’ll find thousands of antiques from both the US and Europe, plus local Texas antiques as well.

The owners of Nothing Ordinary travel often to Europe and, when they return, bring some awe-inspiring pieces with them. Antiquing fanatics can spend hours here and still not see everything (but it’s well worth trying). Many antique collectors here rent Bellville storage units to store their artifacts and other items. It’s an easy and affordable way to keep them safe and sound.

Nothing Ordinary Antiques & Oddities
123 East Main St.
Bellville, TX.

Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

Satisfy Your Caffeine Cravings at The Bellville Perk

A classic coffee shop to fulfill your jones for all things java – this is one of the best restaurants in Bellville, Texas. The Bellville Perk is your place, modeled after the famous “Central Perk” of Friends fame. They offer the usual caffeine stylings along with a variety of southern specialties. (We recommend the Chocolate Chip Frappe!) Sit, relax, meet with friends or read a book online. The Bellville Perk will be your home away from home!

The Bellville Perk
538 W. Main St.
Bellville, TX, 77418

Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

Fill Your Belly at the Bellville Meat Market

It’s rare to find a genuine traditional butcher in this day and age, no doubt. At the Bellville Meat Market, though, they can slice up any cut of meat you like in minutes. They also offer a fantastic barbecues counter featuring authentic, Texas-style barbecue – that should always be on your list of things to do near Bellville, Texas!

The Bellville Meat Market also serves a whopping 28 different flavors of hand-tied sausage! Order what you want to serve the family for dinner from their highly skilled butchers. Better still, eat-in and let the Bellville Mear Market treat you to the best meat you’ll ever eat!

Bellville Meat Market
36 S Front St.
Bellville, TX 77418

Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

See a Blacksmith in Action at Phenix Knives

Have you ever been to a blacksmith shop that’s more than a century old? How about feeling the heat from a 3000-degree fire hot enough to melt steel? If either of those scenarios sends a shiver of excitement down your spine, you’ll freak out for Phenix Knives. There you’ll find the exciting and always excited Cowboy Szymanski, a bladesmith beyond compare.

Cowboy creates knives that can slice and dice practically anything, from an ordinary apple to tough buckskin and much more. He’s also one of the most passionate people you’ll meet in all of Bellville, and his passion is contagious. In other words, if you decide to visit Phenix Knives when you’re looking for things to do near Bellville, Texas, expect to go home with a great new blade.

Phenix Knives
305 E. Main
Bellville, Texas 77418

Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

Go Medieval at Newman’s Castle

If you ask, “what is there to see in Texas?” the last answer you’d expect to hear is “a castle!” That’s precisely what you’ll find just outside of Bellville, however, at Newman’s Castle! With a working drawbridge, five turrets, and an actual moat, Newman’s Castle is an incredible sight to see!

Looking for a yummy restaurant in Bellville, Texas, after visiting the Castle? Newman’s Castle was built by the owners of Newman’s Bakery, one of the best bakeries in Bellville. He and a friend worked on the Castle for eight whole years and made many of the furnishings inside themselves! (You have to admit, that’s mighty impressive.) They give tours six days a week but keep in mind that you need to make reservations. Not surprisingly, the meeting point for the tour is Newman’s bakery. That way, you can get some delicious baked goods to take with you! It’s a yummy and fun way to go medieval!

Newman’s Castle Tour Meeting Place (aka Newman’s Bakery)
504 E Main St.
Bellville, TX 77418

Things To Do Near Bellville, Texas

Rent a Self Storage Unit in Bellville, TX

Now that you’ve seen what lovely Bellville, TX has to offer, are you more excited to move here? We hope so because it truly is a friendly, welcoming, and appealing place to call home.There are plenty of things to do near here and tons of yummy restaurants to eat at in Bellville, Texas. At iStorage, we love the slower pace of life here. Our Bellville storage units help many folks save space, store their stuff, and do it affordably and conveniently.

Storage Units at 12085 Hwy 36 in Bellville, TX

If you have questions about renting a storage unit in Bellville, you can chat with us online whenever you like. Also, we recommend visiting our local Bellville storage location. The onsite manager will be pleased as punch to show you around and help you get the rental process started. Until then, have fun in your new hometown, Bellville! It’s a fabulous place to live, enjoy life and make some beautiful memories!

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