Moving To Houston, Texas: What You Need to Know

If a move to Houston, Texas, is on your horizon, you likely have all sorts of questions. What’s the weather like, for example, and how is the economy? Do they have a decent food scene in Houston, and what’s the commute time like? To help you answer these questions and more, we put together this informative article. In it, you’ll learn What You Need to Know Before Moving to Houston, Texas. When you’re finished, you’ll be ready to pack up the moving truck and head on down Texas’ way!

Moving to Houston, Texas

Houston Is Close To All Sorts of Great Cities

We think that, once you arrive in Houston, you won’t want to leave because it’s so wonderful here. However, if you do from time to time, the good news is that we are very close to some other great cities. They include Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. If a day at the beach is on the agenda, Galveston and her beautiful beaches are an hour’s drive. New Orleans is also close at about six hours away if you’re longing to experience the epic awesomeness of Mardi Gras. The Dallas / Fort Worth area is just about as far, making both cities easily reachable too.

Moving from Dallas to Houston, Texas

Many folks move from Dallas to Houston to get better home prices, nicer weather, and bigger opportunities. If that’s what you’re looking for, making a move from Dallas to Houston is a must. Luckily, it’s not a huge, long-distance move, and you’ll still be in Texas. That will help you with car registration and not getting a new driver’s license, among others. Below are a few other things you can do to make your move easier:

  • Travel to Houston once or twice before you move to get an idea of where the best neighborhoods are.
  • Check out some apartment complexes if you’re going to live in an apartment.
  • Take a look around the neighborhood you like to make sure there are restaurants you like also. That includes breweries, cafes, bakeries, bars, etc.
  • Move here and stick your stuff into a Houston storage unit while you search for a home, job, or apartment.
  • Talk to some locals and ask their opinion of the neighborhoods (and other places) you are considering.

Homes Moving to Houston are Plentiful and Affordable

In many other cities, the supply of homes hasn’t kept up with demand, causing a housing bubble. In Houston, however, the market kept growing with the population. Today that means you can find affordable homes everywhere you look! The median price here is quite reasonable at $150,000. It’s also one reason why Houston is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. If owning a home is your goal, you’ll be closer to that goal here in Houston!

Moving to Houston, Texas

No Zoning Laws in Houston

In most cities across the United States, zoning laws are a real pain. They say, for example, that you can’t put a retail space in a residential zone, among other restrictions. In Houston, though, there are no zoning laws whatsoever. Want to start a business in your neighborhood? You can do it here, and there are no zoning laws to stop you. Yes, it does make for an eclectic mix of buildings in some areas. On the other hand, it also boosts entrepreneurship through the roof. It’s another reason so many people are moving to Houston, Texas.

Tropical Storms Don’t Do Houston Any Favors

Houston, unfortunately, is directly in the path of gnarly tropical storms and hurricanes. For most people, that means having a disaster plan ready just in case. The city’s wet season is from May to October, and the storms come with it, including severe thunderstorms. The good news (if you’re not a fan of the cold) is that the city has very mild winters with little snow. Also, when there are no storms afoot, spring and summer in Houston can be lovely. By the way, if you live near a high-risk flood area, always choose a Houston storage unit further inland for your sentimental items. That way, if there’s a flood, your things will be safe.

Moving to Houston, Texas

Make Sure to Bring Bug Spray When Moving to Houston

One of the most significant drawbacks to Houston in summer is insects, especially mosquitoes. After a summer storm, they come out in droves and drive people crazy. They also carry diseases like Dengue and Zika, so having repellent on hand is a must! If you’re not big on insect repellents, one suggestion would be to dress well in light clothing. That way, you won’t allow insects to sting you or your loved ones.

Residents of Houston Speak over 90 Languages

Diversity is a trait that all great cities possess, and Houston is one of them. People from many different countries live here, bringing with them over 90 other languages. They also bring their local cuisines, which is in the city’s myriad of excellent restaurants. If exposing your children (or yourself) to new people, customs and traditions is a goal, Houston can make it happen.

Moving to Houston, Texas

You’ll Learn To Love 610 Loop After Moving to Houston

Getting around any major city can be problematic at best. It’s the same in Houston, although they have created a solution; the Interstate 610 freeway. Known lovingly as ‘the Loop,’ Interstate 610 does just that, looping around central Houston’s entirety. It makes for a much easier commute, at least for some people. It’s also created a much-asked question in Houston; do you live inside or outside the loop?

Inside the loop, you’ll find major sports teams (the NFL’s Texans, for example) and major cultural institutions. Outside you’ll find sprawling suburbs with large backyards and inground pools. Your job? To decide which fits your lifestyle and needs best, inside or out. Both have their charms and drawbacks, so take your time and choose wisely.

Houston is the 4th Largest City in the United States.

While it doesn’t always feel so large, it’s surprising that Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. It trails just a bit behind Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, and it’s also growing fast. Speaking of which, the four most pop[ular neighborhoods in Houston included:

  • The Downtown Area- Hip, trendy, and loaded with great restaurants and galleries. (The Rockets and Astros play here too!)
  • Montrose- An art lover’s paradise, especially The Menil Collection, one of the best art collections in the world
  • River Oaks- A bit pricey, River Oaks is also safe, green, and great for golfing.

Once you arrive, if you need a storage unit in Houston, iStorage has them. Our Houston storage units are clean, safe, and secured by 24/7 cameras and an on-site manager. Storing your things with us while you look for a new home is perfect! Until then, welcome to Houston! We hope you enjoy living and working here as much as we do!