How to Prevent Dust in a Storage Unit

person dusting wood with a sponge duster

Dust accumulation in your storage is almost always inevitable, and letting it build up isn’t good for you or your belongings. Especially if you have items in long-term storage, it’s essential to have a plan to prevent and clean dust from your unit. No matter what type of storage unit you rent, airborne particles will settle on your belongings over …

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Tips for Decluttering Before Your New Baby Arrives

Mother holding newborn in her arms and smiling

When a new baby comes into your life, things change drastically, especially if it’s your first. Most parents will tell you that nothing is ever the same again, including the amount of usable storage space you have at home. That’s because a new baby means buying many items you’ve never needed before, including changing tables, cribs, dressers, toys, strollers, and …

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9 Storage Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Keeping your bedroom (or multiple bedrooms) clean, tidy, and organized is no small feat. Most people spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, especially children and teenagers. After a while, if you don’t have a plan or system in place, stuff starts to pile up. To prevent the inevitable mess, we’ve got 9 bedroom storage ideas to keep your …

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Shed Organization and Storage Ideas

Having a shed on your property or in your backyard can be a real storage bonus. Garden sheds allow you to store all sorts of stuff, including garden tools, lawnmowers, lawn furniture, and much more. However, one challenge is keeping your shed organized and neat, which most sheds definitely are not. An unorganized disaster of a shed makes finding something …

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How to Store Books

Most people consider books to be pretty durable. After all, we carry them around in backpacks, read them at the park, and subject them to some heavy abuse. However, after being packed and stacked long-term, most people begin to realize that books aren’t as indestructible as they thought. If stored incorrectly, a book’s spine can warp, its pages can discolor, …

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