Can You Store a Semi-Truck at a Self Storage Facility?

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In the trucking industry, semi-trucks play a vital role. They are the workhorses of the US highways, a critical piece of the puzzle for hauling millions of goods to the American public, retail stores, and more. However, trucking companies and semi-truck owners occasionally find it difficult to store a semi-truck because they’re so large. That’s where self storage facilities can help, offering short and long-term solutions to store semi-trucks safely and securely.

The information below will be extremely helpful if you’re looking for information about storing a semi-truck at a self storage facility. It’s from the storage experts at iStorage, so you can be sure it’s reliable and valuable. If you are looking for more information regarding semi-truck storage at iStorage, click here!

Yes, You Can Store a Semi-Truck at a Self Storage Facilities

While it isn’t possible to store a semi-truck at every storage facility, some offer the capacity to do so. These facilities that do offer this feature typically have wide driveways and large parking spots in order for the trucks to get through comfortably.

The good news is that there are many iStorage facilities that do offer semi-truck storage. Those that do typically have wide parking areas inside their fully fenced storage facility allow you to easily pull in and park it just the way you would in a truck parking facility. Contact your nearest iStorage for availability!

Long-Term Semi-Truck Storage

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Long-term storage for semis typically means storing them for several weeks or even months. Typically, long-term storage is necessary for truck operators during the off-season, holidays, and other times of the year when their semi-truck is not actively being used.

Occasionally, however, a downturn in the economy, change in ownership, and other situations can necessitate the need for long-term semi-truck storage. Long-term storage can be financially beneficial to small and medium-sized trucking firms.

Short-Term Semi-truck Storage

As the name suggests, short-term caters to the temporary need to store a semi-truck overnight or for several days. It might also include several weeks, depending on the situation. Most semi-truck owners and trucking companies seek out short-term storage in order to park their semi-trucks in a safe location, where the vehicle will be protected from theft, vandalism, and other issues.

What to Consider When Storing a Semi-Truck

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You should consider certain factors when searching for a self storage facility to store a semi-truck, whether long-term or short-term. We’ve listed the most common considerations below for your perusal.


One of the most important factors to consider when storing a semi-truck is accessibility. For example, the storage facility you choose should have an extra large front gate, wide aisles, and a large parking spot to make pulling in and parking hassle-free. If the storage facility you’re looking at is too small, entering and exiting the facility might be difficult (if possible at all).


Besides accessibility, security is critical when storing a semi-truck. You need to choose a location that puts the security of your vehicle first. Some of the security features you should look for include the following;

  • Keypad-coded entrance gates
  • A fully fenced storage facility
  • Video cameras on-site
  • On-site managers
  • A well-lit parking lot


While the location might not be essential to successfully storing a semi-truck, it can make your task more convenient, easy, and quick. Not only that, but a conveniently located storage facility will reduce your drivers’ travel time and expenses, keeping costs down and profits up.


Although the cost to store a semi-truck usually doesn’t vary significantly from one storage facility to another, it does make sense to do your due diligence and determine which facility will be more affordable. Depending on the city your trucking firm is located in, the difference in cost could be significant.


This last factor concerns the amenities offered at the storage facility you choose. For example, a charging station can be beneficial, as well as a washing bay to clean your semi-truck.

What Advantages Does a Self Storage Facility Provide when Storing a Semi-Truck?

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A self storage facility provides several advantages when you need to store one or more semi-trucks. We’ve listed the best advantages below.

Safety and Security

At iStorage, we put your belongings’ safety and security first. When stored in our storage facilities, they will be protected by great security features such as electronic gated access, a fully fenced facility, on-site security cameras, and more!


Storage facilities can be more cost-effective than buying or leasing a parking lot. This is especially true for independent semi-truck operators and owners of small truck fleets.

Regulation Compliance

If you’re an independent trucker, HOA compliance can be difficult when finding a parking spot for your truck in your neighborhood. Parking is far easier when you utilize a self storage facility than dealing with HOA.


At iStorage, we offer month-to-month leases that make it extremely flexible (and cost-effective) to store your semi-truck for a short or long period.

Store Your Semi-Truck Safely and Conveniently with iStorage

Whether you’re an independent contractor with 1 semi-truck or a trucking company with multiple vehicles, you can safely, securely, and affordably store your truck safely with iStorage. With on-site security cameras, wide aisles, fully fenced facilities, and other security features, your semi-truck will be in a secure environment. For more details, contact an iStorage facility near you!