Is Greenville, MS, a Nice Place to Live?

Historic downtown shopping center

When deciding on moving to a new town, one of the best things you can do is research everything about that town before you make a decision. Greenville, MS, is no different. Located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Greenville is charming, historic, diverse, and well-known for its vibrant culture. So is Greenville a nice place to live? Most folks would quickly say” Yes!” but since everyone is different, the storage experts at iStorage have provided the following information to help you decide for yourself! Read on to learn more about living in Greenville and make an educated decision about moving to this charming southern town.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Greenville

Like practically every American city, Greenville has its pros and cons. You’ll be pleased to know that the pros outweigh the cons quite nicely, but it’s good to know what they are. Below is a quick list of Greenville’s good and not-so-good points.


  • Greenville has a deep cultural heritage and is known for being the home of the Blues.
  • You’ll find a tight-knit community in Greenville.
  • Winter in Greenville is pleasant, warm, and inviting.
  • The cost of living in Greenville is exceptionally affordable.
  • Housing costs in Greenville are incredibly low. The housing cost index is 37/100, one of the lowest in the United States.
  • Greenville provides all the benefits of living in a small town, including safety, tranquility, and good neighbors.


  • Summer in Greenville can be sweltering, hot, humid, and uncomfortable.
  • The unemployment rate in Greenville is 9.4%, which is relatively high.
  • Healthcare in Greenville is about 6% higher than the national average.
  • Jobs are in short supply in Greenville, so it’s best to have employment lined up before you arrive.

There are Many Things to Do in Greenville

Blues musician playing saxophone

One aspect of any town you choose is whether there are things to do that will keep you and your family occupied, happy, and having fun (at least occasionally). In Greenville, you’ll find many activities, attractions, and adventure opportunities. Below is a smattering of some of the best activities and events in town!

  • The Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival- Greenville’s annual celebration of the Blues and its heritage in the Delta region.
  • Greenville History Museum- This is the place to find insights and info about Greenville’s history.
  • Lake Ferguson- An excellent lake for boating, fishing, and watersports.
  • Greenvale Cypress Preserve- If you like hiking and birdwatching, as well as seeing Greenville’s beautiful flora and fauna, this will be your go-to spot.
  • Delta Hot Tamale Festival- One of the unique events in Greenville, hot tamales are on the menu, as well as music, entertainment, and other delicious foods.
  • Historic Downtown Greenville- Shopping, dining, and southern charm are all on the menu in Downtown Greenville!
  • E.E. Bass Cultural Arts Center- You’ll find them all here if you’re looking for workshops, classes, and artistic performances.

The Cost of Living in Greenville is Affordable

One of the biggest draws of living in Greenville is the cost of living, which is significantly lower than the national average in the United States. That’s especially true for housing, which, as mentioned earlier, has an index of 36/100, over 60% less than the national average. It’s also 10% less than the Mississippi average, making Greenville one of the most affordable cities in the state and the country.

With a median home cost of $83,300, Greenville is $250,000 less than similar towns in the United States. Amazingly, transportation costs and miscellaneous costs are also relatively low, at 62/100 and 67/100, respectively. Utilities and groceries are slightly less than the national average, while healthcare is somewhat more, giving Greenville an overall cost-of-living index (i.e., score) of 70/100, which is very affordable.

There are Some Wonderful Neighborhoods in Greenville

Quiet neighborhood with trees lining the street

Finding a comfortable, attractive, and safe neighborhood is important, no matter where you live. The good news is that, like many southern towns, Greenville has various neighborhoods that offer unique charms and distinct amenities. Some of the best include the following;

  • Downtown Greenville: Renowned for its rich architectural heritage and beautifully restored homes and buildings. Perfect for folks who want to be close to local shops, restaurants, and cultural events.
  • Lakeview: Situated near Lake Ferguson, Lakeview offers scenic views and quick access to water, making it ideal for families looking for a peaceful, suburban home near the water.
  • Cypress Hills: Known for its newer developments, Cypress Hills is popular among young professionals and families.
  • Greenville Garden District: Famous for its well-maintained gardens and stately homes, it’s an excellent choice for folks who want a quiet, residential neighborhood.
  • South Main Street District: A blend of residential and commercial areas suitable for those who enjoy being in a vibrant area with easy access to local entertainment.
  • Wellington Green: A newer development noted for its spacious homes and well-planned layout.
  • Weston: With a mix of older and newer homes, Weston is close to schools and local parks and a good choice for families.

Public Education in Greenville Needs a Little Help

There’s no denying the public school system in Greenville could use some after-school tutoring. Niche gives the public school system a C-, which could be better. There are 17 public schools in Greenville, and several of them get Bs, so be sure to choose a neighborhood served by one of the better schools.

The Weather in Greenville has Good and Bad Points

As mentioned earlier, winter in Greenville can be quite pleasant, warm, and dry. That’s the good news. The bad news is that summer in Greenville can be swelteringly hot and oppressively humid. (Luckily, it only lasts for about 2 months.)

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