Tips on How to Maximize Space In Your Home

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One of the biggest issues many families face is a lack of usable living space due to the amount of stuff they own. Sometimes, this lack of storage can make daily life more difficult. The good news is you can use several viable storage hacks to maximize the space in your home. The storage experts at iStorage have listed 9 for you below! Read on to discover them all and maximize your home’s storage space!

1. Make Decluttering a Continuous Habit

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One of the best habits you can create is to declutter continually. The less stuff you have, the less storage space you’ll need, and the bigger your home will feel. One rule of thumb is to decide whether you need, want, or use a specific item. If you don’t need it, want it, or use it, get rid of it.

That’s especially true if you last used something over a year ago because if you haven’t, there’s a chance it’s not essential. By decluttering regularly, you can reduce the need for storage space and keep your home from becoming stuffed.

2. Utilize Wall Space Effectively

No matter the size of your home, wall space is prime real estate for storing things. Storage devices like shelves, hanging systems, bookcases, and so forth can substantially increase your storage space. If you want to increase your storage space using your walls, go as high up as possible. Even if you need a stepladder to reach things, you can store things you don’t use regularly up high.

3. Use the Space Under Beds and Furniture

One storage opportunity most people overlook is the space under their beds and large furniture. The beds especially offer a ton of usable storage space. One way to utilize that space Is with long, flat, plastic storage bins with rollers on the bottom. You can also buy beds with drawers built into the bottom and raised bed frames that give you even more storage. Although there is less space under furniture, there is certainly some that you can use to store things.

4. Purchase Furniture with Built-In Storage

Using furniture storage

One of the best types of furniture for small homes is furniture with built-in storage. For example, sofas that come with storage compartments are perfect for extra storage space. The same can be said for coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans. You’ll even find dining room tables with storage underneath, TV stands, kitchen islands, and, as mentioned earlier, storage beds.

5. Use the Backs of All Your Doors

Many different storage devices are designed to be hung over a door, including closet doors, cabinet doors, and others. These devices are excellent for maximizing small home storage space and can significantly improve your home’s organization. For example, a storage device on the back of your pantry door can increase your pantry’s storage space by 10% and keep it more organized.

6. If You Have Stairs, Use the Space Under Them Wisely

The amount of storage space found under the stairway is genuinely incredible. Unfortunately, many people don’t utilize that space as well as they should. With a bit of time, effort, and DIY carpentry skills, you can place shelves and drawers into the space under your stairs and increase your home’s storage space immensely.

7. Use Stackable Bins and Hanging Organizers in Your Closets

Large, clear, plastic bins are an excellent choice for storing things and, because they’re stackable, allow you to use the vertical space in closets and utility rooms. The same can be said for hanging clothing organizers for pants, dresses, skirts, and shoes. These can greatly increase your closet’s hanging space.

8. Use Wall-Mounted Fixtures and Furniture

Have you ever heard of a Murphy Bed? It’s a bed that, when not being used, can be folded up into the wall! The benefits of this are excellent and allow you to utilize the space where your bed sits during the day and, in an instant, pull down your bed for sleeping at night. Wall-mounted desks, TVs, and drop-leaf tables are great ways to free up floor space and make your home feel more open.

9. Hire a Carpenter to Create Customized Storage Solutions

Organized space in a wardrobe

Although it’s not an inexpensive choice, hiring a carpenter to create customized storage solutions for your small home is something you should consider. Custom-built shelving, for example, can be made for areas in your home that typically would be overlooked for storage. The same thing applies to your closets, under your stairs, and other areas with open spaces that need to be utilized better.

Let iStorage Store Your Belongings Safely

Sometimes, no matter what you do to increase space in your home, you might find it still crowded. If that’s you and you’re out of options, iStorage can help you store your belongings safely and securely. That includes household goods, furniture, antiques, collectibles, artwork, you name it! You can even store vehicles, including cars, boats, RVs, and motorcycles with iStorage!

If you’re ready, you can reserve a storage unit with iStorage easily and quickly. Once you do, it will be ready and waiting when you arrive with your valuables. Until then, we hope these tips on maximizing the storage space in your home have empowered you to store your belongings like a true professional!