How Businesses Can Benefit from Self Storage

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If you own or run a business and you’re looking for methods to reduce your overhead, the information below will be helpful. It’s all about how businesses can save money, time, and energy by taking advantage of self storage and the many benefits of renting a storage unit (or units). From convenience to cost reduction, flexibility, security, and more, storage units bring many benefits to the table. iStorage outlines all of them for you below. (If you need a self storage unit , we have clean, safe, and secure units ready and waiting.)

Self Storage is Cost Efficient

One of the biggest costs many businesses face, big or small, is renting or purchasing the space they need to do what their company does. From startups to SMEs, major corporations, and more, most businesses and organizations pay enormous amounts of money for the space they occupy. Whether that is in an office building, a strip mall, a warehouse, a designer mall, a kiosk, etc.

The worst part, however, is that most businesses waste a large portion of their location’s space to store stuff they use infrequently or need to keep, paying thousands of dollars a year in the process.

Office furniture, files, event gear, medical records, overstock, supplies, equipment, and much more, take up a lot of space in the typical business location, forcing them to rent or purchase more space than they genuinely need to be profitable. In some cases, the extra cost of this wasted space can prevent a business from succeeding or put a large dent in its profitability.

However, when you store all those items in a storage unit, your business will save thousands or even hundreds of thousands a year. That’s because the cost to rent a storage unit is significantly less than the cost to rent or purchase a business location. Plus, your business will be able to operate in a smaller location, saving big bucks when you do. It’s a win-win for your business!

Self Storage Units Can Help Your Business Grow

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Let’s say you run an event rental business, and business is booming. It’s booming so much that you need another 200 folding chairs, 40 12-top tables, and 5 racks of dishware. The problem; there’s nowhere in your current warehouse to store all those dining supplies and furniture, not even close. Also, since your lease lasts another 5 years, there’s no way you’re moving to a larger location (and you might not be able to afford it anyway).

That’s when self storage units can come in extremely handy. You can easily and affordably rent a self storage unit from iStorage in many U.S. cities. Storage units come in various sizes and prices, have big, easy-access garage doors, and many have drive-up access. That allows you to drive up to your storage unit with a car, truck, or van and load or unload it at your leisure.

The best part, however, is you can rent a storage unit in under 15 minutes online and have the extra space you need the same day. That’s right, instant extra storage for those folding chairs, 12-top tables, and 5 racks of dishware (or anything else your business needs to store affordably).

In other words, renting a storage unit will empower you to grow your business at a fraction of the cost. If things change, iStorage offers month-to-month leases, so your business will never get stuck in a long-term rental contract.

Convenient and Accessible

We mentioned that iStorage offers convenient drive-up storage units at most U.S. locations. These units are great if you constantly bring things to and take them from your storage unit. You or one of your employees can drive up to the unit, open the roll-up style garage door, and instantly access your storage space. Put things into the storage unit or take them out as you like; it’s easy, fast, and convenient.

Speaking of convenience, iStorage self storage facilities have all the features you need to make storage an excellent experience. Long hours of operation, for example that allow you or your people to come early or late. Electronic gates with keypad controls that let you in automatically and safely. Well-lit facilities for safety and seeing what you’re doing at night. These features and several more make storing with iStorage a pleasure.

A Secure Way to Store Inventory and Equipment

All iStorage locations have various security features to make your storage experience safe and secure no matter when you visit. For example, our locations have 24/7 video security cameras monitoring the self storage facility. To get in, you must pass through a keypad-controlled electronic gate, and most iStorage facilities are fully gated around their entire premises.

Another feature business owners appreciate is that iStorage has on-site managers at most of our self storage locations. They keep a close eye on the place every day, ensuring an extra level of safety and security when you’re visiting your storage unit. Our on-site managers, can provide a world of knowledgeable advice and help you choose the storage units that fit your business needs best.

What Can You Store in a Storage Unit?

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There are many different businesses, from retail and wholesale to medical clinics, manufacturing companies, rental companies, shipping companies, and many more. The one thing most of these businesses have in common is the need to store equipment and extra inventory. Yes, some will need long-term storage, while others only need short-term or seasonal storage. Whatever the business, the demand for storage space is the one common denominator. Some of the reasons companies rent a storage unit include the following:

  • Commercial storage
  • Business self-storage
  • Storage as a warehouse alternative
  • Business inventory storage
  • Document storage
  • Equipment storage
  • E-commerce storage
  • Overstock storage
  • Contractor storage
  • Seasonal storage
  • Storage during an office renovation
  • Storage for business expansion

Businesses Store and Save with iStorage

When you need secure self storage for your business, trust iStorage. With locations across the United States, iStorage is one of the premier names in business self storage and commercial storage. If you’d like to check out our storage units, click or visit the iStorage location nearest your business. We also suggest you look at our storage unit size guide to see what size unit your organization will need. With convenient month-to-month leasing, your business will reduce costs, expand operations, and thrive when you store with iStorage. Reserve your storage units online, visit the iStorage location closest to your business and meet the on-site manager today.