How to Prevent Dust in a Storage Unit

person dusting wood with a sponge duster

Dust accumulation in your storage is almost always inevitable, and letting it build up isn’t good for you or your belongings. Especially if you have items in long-term storage, it’s essential to have a plan to prevent and clean dust from your unit. No matter what type of storage unit you rent, airborne particles will settle on your belongings over time. Dust can damage sensitive items while in storage, like electronics, photographs, and antiques. Here are a few simple tricks and tips to help keep your unit clean and make dusting a breeze. 

Plastic Storage Bins 

shoes inside plastic storage bins

Storing your items in plastic tubs is one of the best ways to prevent dust from damaging your items. Plastic bins seal better than cardboard boxes and are easy to wipe down when the outside becomes dirty. Consider placing plastic bins on shelves inside your self-storage unit to make dusting even easier. Plastic vacuum-sealed bags are another great option for clothing, linens, and other bulky, soft items, but you must ensure no moisture is in the fabric or mold/mildew will build. These are available at hardware stores and online and are cost-effective while also saving space inside your storage unit. You can even hang them on a rack for easy access. Always store mattresses inside plastic to avoid damage from dust becoming embedded into the fibers. 

Use Furniture Covers and Drop Cloths 

While plastic sheeting is a great way to protect items, specific covers or drop cloths can be even more effective for larger pieces like furniture. These covers are designed to fit snugly over sofas, chairs, and tables, ensuring that dust does not settle on their surfaces. On the other hand, drop cloths can be draped over items and provide a protective layer against dust, especially if you’re storing art, mirrors, or other delicate items. Both are fantastic in preventing dust buildup. 

furniture cloth covers over furniture in house

Rotate Items Periodically 

Every few months, take the time to rotate items in your storage unit. This doesn’t mean a complete reshuffle but just checking on your items, rotating boxes, and making sure nothing has been sitting in a dust-prone spot for too long. This will also allow you to inspect your items for any other damage, such as mold and mildew buildup. Small habits like this help keep your space clean and your things looking like the day you brought them in! 

Keep Your Storage Unit Organized 

Every time you move items around in your storage unit, you distribute dust and particles inside. A good organizational plan can help tremendously when trying to prevent dust. Make sure you select a large enough unit to move around in, especially if you will be moving items in and out frequently. Place items you would like frequent access to near the front and be sure to leave a walkway to access items in the back. Cramming your unit full will make tidying up much more difficult. One of the best options for maximizing your space inside your unit is shelving units, allowing you to stack items safely near the top. 

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy in Your Unit to Manage Storage Dust 

elderly man blowing dust from a book

Make it a habit to dust your storage unit whenever you visit, or plan regular visits to check on your items and give the unit a quick dusting while you’re there. To make this easier, keep cleaning supplies in a tote or plastic bin inside your unit. You can include microfiber cloths and dusters, dusting solutions, wood treatments, and disinfecting wipes. This will keep you from having to remember to bring the supplies you need with you and encourage you to take a few minutes to wipe things down. Include some trash bags for disposing of dirt and used cleaning supplies. You may even want to consider storing an inexpensive hand vacuum on site for quick clean-up of larger surfaces. 

Dust is a minor annoyance, but it can damage your stored belongings over time. By consistently following the tips above and keeping your storage unit clean, you can ensure a dust-free stay for as long as you’re here! For clean, convenient, and affordable storage units, trust iStorage as your partner. Contact us today to reserve a storage unit; no credit card is needed!