9 reasons to move to Boynton Beach, FL

aerial view of Boynton Beach

Are you moving to lovely Boynton Beach, Florida, soon? If yes, there are dozens of questions racing through your mind. For example, what’s it like living in Boynton Beach, and is it an affordable place to live? Are the amenities, attractions, and schools in Boynton Beach above average? What about the weather and job opportunities?

To answer these questions, iStorage compiled a list of the 9 reasons to move to Boynton Beach, FL, to help with all your upcoming decisions. Read on to discover them all and find out what makes Boynton Beach a great place to live!

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Where is Boynton Beach, FL?

Boynton Beach lies on the southeastern coast of Florida between Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida. The town of 80,000+ lies directly on the coast, with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. Boynton Beach is about 60 miles north of Miami and 180 miles southeast of Orlando, which sits in central Florida.

Is Boynton Beach a Good Place to Move?

Boynton Beach is an excellent place to move. The weather is always hot and sunny, the beaches are phenomenal, and there are many outdoor activities to enjoy. Like in any American town, all of those plusses are slightly offset by some minuses. The cost of living, for example, is a bit higher, and summer in Boynton Beach can be so hot you’ll want to stay inside. (You can, of course, say the same thing for the entire Florida coast.) Still, if you can afford to live here, you’ll probably find Boynton Beach a perfect place to live.

9 Reasons to Relocate to Boynton Beach

1. The Weather is Phenomenal

If you’re retiring to Boynton Beach, you’ll be pleased to know that golfing is possible throughout the year, as is boating, fishing, biking, or whatever other leisure activity you enjoy. The reason is the weather, which is phenomenal for about 10 months a year. For example, the comfort index in Boynton beach in winter is 9.1 / 10, which is practically perfect! Young folks love it here, too for all the same reasons!

2. The Beaches are Gorgeous, Long, and Free

aerial view of pier with people fishing off of it, and an inlet

Beaches, showers, and facilities make Boynton Beach a great place to enjoy your days. Unlike New Jersey, where you need to pay to use the beach, in Florida and Boynton Beach, they’re free to use. Even parking is free, although it does get filled fast on the weekends.

3. The Nightlife is Exciting, Vibrant, and Varied

Here on the coast of Florida, the nightlife is usually red hot, and Boynton Beach is no exception. From clubs and bars to intimate cafes and bistros, night time in Boynton Beach is an exciting and often delicious adventure.

4. Boynton Beach is a Diverse Town (and Proud of It)

There’s no denying the Latin influence you’ll find in Boynton Beach, or the influence of many other peoples and cultures. Like all of Florida, this town is a melting pot, and proud of that fact. Crime rates are also lower here than in many surrounding towns, a nice extra benefit.

5. No State Income Taxes

Like the rest of Florida, Boynton Beach doesn’t collect state taxes. For many Americans, that’s a huge bonus and makes life much more affordable. Florida offers several other tax breaks based on other factors, adding even more benefit to moving to Boynton Beach.

6. You’ll Be Fitter and Healthier

It’s long been known that folks in Florida are healthier and fitter thanks to being able to enjoy their favorite sports and outdoor activities year-round. From golfing and tennis to deep-sea fishing, biking, swimming, and many more, folks in Boynton Beach can’t help but stay in great shape!

7. The Public Schools are Rated Highly

Good schools are a must if you’re moving to Boynton Beach and have children at home! You’ll be glad to know that the school system here is highly rated. Niche gives the Boynton Beach School System a B-, which is good. However, there are many A+ rated schools in town, including Suncoast Community High School, the #5 best public high school in the entire state!

8. The Cost of Living Isn’t Too High

Let’s face it; living on Florida’s coast can be expensive no matter where you go. In Boynton Beach, however, the cost-of-living index is only 10% above the U.S. average, likewise, the cost of housing. That might not be great news, but compared to nearby Miami, it’s more affordable. 

9. The Food is Amazing

Here along the east coast of Florida, the seafood is some of the best in the world, and it shows in Boynton Beach. Many of the restaurants here in town specialize in seafood of all kinds and have prices that make eating out very attractive. Plus, with Latin and other cultural influences here, there’s much more than seafood. Asian, European, Italian, and Mexican food are all on the menu, plus many others including Polish, Peruvian, Greek, and Cuban.

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