The Scary Truth About Storing All Your Halloween Items

family decorating halloween with pumpkin

One of America’s most beloved holidays, Halloween is a time for fantastic costumes and fun parties. In the last few decades, it’s also become a time for decorating that’s nearly as popular as Christmas, with some folks going all out to scare their neighborhood. Of course, when the festivities are finished, all those decorations and costumes need to be safely …

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How to Prevent Dust in a Storage Unit

person dusting wood with a sponge duster

Dust accumulation in your storage is almost always inevitable, and letting it build up isn’t good for you or your belongings. Especially if you have items in long-term storage, it’s essential to have a plan to prevent and clean dust from your unit. No matter what type of storage unit you rent, airborne particles will settle on your belongings over …

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4 Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company in Cliffwood, NJ

man with a clipboard with a moving truck behind him

Unlike the images (and jokes) often seen on TV, New Jersey is a beautiful state with many wonderful and exciting towns. One of those towns is Cliffwood, NJ, which sits on the coast of the Garden State. If you’re interested in knowing about Cliffwood or moving into or out of the city, the information below will be beneficial. It’s the …

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How to Store Books

Most people consider books to be pretty durable. After all, we carry them around in backpacks, read them at the park, and subject them to some heavy abuse. However, after being packed and stacked long-term, most people begin to realize that books aren’t as indestructible as they thought. If stored incorrectly, a book’s spine can warp, its pages can discolor, …

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Moving to League City, TX Checklist

moving to league city, tx

Are you moving the family to League City, TX? If yes, you’ll be glad to know League City is one of Texas’ top-rated cities. Indeed, Niche gives League City a grade of A+, which is extraordinary. From an affordable cost of living to excellent public schools, agreeable weather, and more, League City, TX is exceptional. Of course, to enjoy everything …

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How to Organize a Storage Unit: Complete Guide

how to organize a storage unit

Storage units are perfect for storing a wide variety of items, from household goods to antiques, collections, and more. They’re safe, clean and secure, and can be accessed easily and quickly. But here’s the thing; if not organized correctly, your storage unit won’t store nearly as much as it can. (If you don’t stack things, for example.) To help you …

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