Are Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units a Waste of Money?

It’s no surprise that at iStorage, we have many different sized storage options. So whether you need a large or a small unit, we’ve got you covered. If you are moving or just want to downsize, the advantage of choosing a climate-controlled self-storage unit will protect your items from the elements. Climate-controlled units are perfect for extremely hot or cold climates. Some people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to spend the extra money on a climate-controlled storage unit. Then surprise! Their stuff gets damaged from a legendary winter storm.

are climate controlled self storage units worth the price

 When you think about it, spending a little more money on a heated and air-conditioned storage unit is totally worth it. Items that you’re willing to rent a storage unit for are probably valuable, so why wouldn’t you want to spend a little more to protect them?

Comfortable Trips to Your Unit! 

Climate-controlled self-storage isn’t just good for your stuff. It’s good for you! Having a climate-controlled unit means you won’t melt or freeze while visiting your items. Most people that have storage units start out by keeping them pretty well-organized. But over time, storage units tend to get more and more cluttered. That means that when you need to find something in your storage unit, it may take some digging and you’ll need to look around. Imagine this. It’s the middle of winter and temperatures are below freezing. Do you really want to be in a frigid storage unit looking around for any length of time? We didn’t think so! What about in the summer when temperature and humidity soar? Does that sound like any fun at all? When you have to spend time in your storage, having a heated and air-conditioned storage unit makes the process so simple.

So, What Happens When Items Aren’t Stored Climate-Controlled Self-Storage? 

If you still aren’t convinced that a climate-controlled storage unit is THE way to go; listen up. Imagine what happens to your items when they’re exposed to heat or cold? The fluctuations from cold to hot and back again can be very damaging to many things. That’s why keeping a steady, moderate temperature in an air-conditioned storage unit is a no-brainer. Air conditioning is one of the main advantages of climate-controlled storage units.


Do you have some nice wine to store? Putting wine in anything other than a climate-controlled storage unit is a huge mistake. Always store wine in a cool, dark place. It’s vulnerable to heat, which can damage its flavor and ruin the bottle. If wine is too cold, this could cause the bottle to crack or the cork to pop out because wine expands as it freezes. Climate-controlled self-storage is the answer to protecting your wine collections during transitions!


Store any wood, like wooden furniture, in a climate-controlled storage unit.  Cold weather can weaken joints in furniture while humidity can cause the wood to expand, which often results in cracks. Upholstered furniture is also susceptible to odors if kept in a non-climate-controlled storage unit that is moist and musty. If you are planning to store any type of wooden objects in a storage unit, it’s obvious you value them. Protect them by storing them in a heated and air-conditioned unit.


Man holding cardboard box with used clothes inside. Concept donation and reuse or recycle your used clothes

Many people don’t realize it, but the weather can damage clothing. Cold, in particular, can be very damaging to cotton. Excessive moisture in a storage unit should also concern you since this can promote the growth of mold and mildew. If you have clothing that’s nice enough to put into storage, make sure that you protect it by putting it into a climate-controlled self-storage unit.


man and woman with box of electronics ready to store in climate-controlled self-storage

Electronics tend to be costly, so having to repair or replace anything that’s damaged is never fun. Always store electronics in a climate-controlled for two important reasons. First, the heat. Heat during the summer can melt plastic and damage sensitive electronics. Second, the humidity. Moisture can also get inside of electronics causing them to rust, which ruins them. Save yourself the headache and take advantage of climate-controlled storage units!


Thinking of storing your grandma’s paintings? Don’t let those irreplaceable pieces suffer! The thought of storing artwork in a non-climate-controlled environment is enough to make any art lover cringe. It should go without saying, but if you own any type of artwork, placing it in a non-climate-controlled storage unit is not ideal. Heat and humidity will damage paintings. Temperature fluctuations can damage sculptures and wood carvings. So save yourself some pain, and go with the heated and air-conditioned unit.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units Are Worth It!

An industrial ventilation fan attached to a building with cage. air-conditioned storage

Why do you put things into a storage unit? Besides needing to free up some space, or having a safe place to keep things when you move? It’s the emotional and financial value of the things that you are storing. If you didn’t care about the things you’re storing, then you’d throw them away. Since you care about your items, make sure that you put them into a storage unit that will provide them with a protective environment. Regular storage units are a great place to keep your belongings safe, but a heated and air-conditioned unit will keep them pristine. If you have valuables that you need to store in a safe place, the only option you should be considering is a climate-controlled storage unit. Rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit today and protect your stuff tomorrow.