Pros & Cons of Living in Detroit, MI

Long known around the world as The Motor City, Detroit, MI, has much more to offer than memories of muscle cars long gone. From neighborhoods bursting with history to one of the nation’s finest food scenes, Detroit offers more than most people would ever imagine. There is so much to do in this diverse city. The birthplace of Motown and the Model T is about to make a comeback!  In this article, we’ll take a look at all the good things Detroit has to offer (and a few of the not-so-good) in more detail if you’re considering a move to this appealing and diverse city.

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Pro – Living in Detroit will Open your Mind to Diversity and Community

Detroit defines a ‘melting pot’ with a rich mix of culture and traditions. Take a drive around the city and you’ll pass through Irish, English, Italian, Asian, and African American neighborhoods teeming with vibrant life, arts, and history. In fact, over the last two decades, diversity in Detroit has increased more than in any other American city. This is a testament to its renewal and resurgence as one of the nation’s great cities.

Even better, this diverse community is coming together to tackle our city’s most pressing challenges. Our rate of volunteerism has exceeded the national average for the last five years and we have over 9,000 non-profits helping the community!

Con – Winter’s Can Be Bleh 

Over the last decade or so Detroit has seen its winters get quite a bit longer. While it used to be that the coldest months were December through March, it’s now normal to see winter blasts starting in October and lasting until April. Also, the weather has a bad habit of changing rapidly. It can go from sunny and mild one day to snowy and bitterly cold the next. 

Detroit during the winter at sunrise

Pro – Living in Detroit is Affordable

Detroit has one of the lowest costs of living in the country and is a very affordable place to live and work. Yes, the economy here is still rebuilding but housing prices are some of the lowest in the country. This has given many of the almost 700,000 residents who live here the opportunity to boost their prosperity. In Detroit, the median home cost is 80% lower than the average and our cost-of-living is 27% lower than average. Also, being in Michigan, the state income tax rate is a very moderate 4.25%, and the sales tax a fair 6%.

Con – The Schools Aren’t Perfect 

The public school system here in Detroit is in fair shape but has room to improve. Interestingly, the private schools here in Detroit are quite popular and get high reviews. This makes them a good option for many folks living in Detroit.

Pro – You Can Get Your Groove On! 

It’s common knowledge that Detroit is the birthplace of Motown, but did you know it’s also the home of techno? Detroit offers a truly diverse and exciting variety of music events throughout the year. For example, the Detroit Jazz Festival and the Movement Electronic Music Festival are two of the most popular music events in the country. Then there’s Downtown Hoedown, one of the biggest free music festivals in the world featuring country music. Detroit also has a thriving underground music scene that offers up everything from hip-hop to house music. It’s easy to get down here!

Con – Detroit Gets A Bad Rap Sometimes

We say “reputation for crime” because, in fact, Detroit does get a bad rap. Yes, some of the areas in the city are crime-ridden, but no more than any other large American city. The truth is, there are plenty of neighborhoods and communities in Detroit that are safe, quiet, and beautiful. 

a view of life in detroit from woodward ave

Pro – The Innovation

Did you know that Detroit is one of the top 10 innovative hubs in the United States? Yes, we’re known for innovations in the automotive industry. You can also find some of the most forward-thinking companies involved in technology and life sciences. Over 40% of Detroit startups are technology-based companies. Plus, we’re still big into cars! Detroit is home to over 70% of the research and development going on in the automotive industry.

Pro – Living in Detroit Means an Easy Commute

Detroit has over 2,300 miles of protected bike lanes, pathways, and walking routes! Plus, when you compare the 15 largest metro areas in the country, Detroit ranks number one for the least amount of time commuters spend in traffic. We average 23 minutes, which is less than the national average by over 11%! 

Where to Store Your Stuff in Detroit 

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vertical shot of the city of Detroit

Welcome to Detroit!

We hope this article was very helpful and informative and gave you some much-needed insight into living in Detroit, one of the best cities in America. So welcome to The Motor City! We know you’re going to love it here!